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Thursday, February 13, 2014

February 13, 2014 Thursday Afternoon

Yesterday after I posted the Cooper's Hawk that has been showing up twice a day was sitting out front of the house on the statue.  Here is a picture of it.
I feel bad that Tony feeds the birds out front with a bird feeder and then this bird comes twice a day to eat one or more of them.  It waits for a small bird to come and if one does not, it flies into the pine tree to shake the birds out of it that are trying to stay warm and hide.  
Tony got home late from work and we spent the night watching TV from the DVR.  Tony then tells me about the possum at the shop that lives with the five cats.  I pulled this picture off his cell phone of the possum and cats around it.  They take turns eating and all live together under the car parts.
The picture is through the garage door windows.  Seems like the possum and cats all get alone great.  We will need to get the cats fixed soon because Tony said he caught them mating yesterday.  So there will be more cats if we don't get them fixed soon.  Went to bed around 9:30 PM and soon went to sleep.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  A little before 10 AM Tony came home so we could take Stella to the vet to have her ears and teeth checked.  She has been making pain/crying noises when you touch her ears.  They are clean, no infections, so we are at a loss as to why the crying noise if we bump her ears.  She is prone to ear infections but they seem fine. She also has stopped playing tug a war with Bo so I think she might have a tooth problem.  The vet said the ears looked pretty good but told us to start putting some drops twice a day in them for the next month.  We have used these drops before but we stop way too soon and should go the full course, which might be why she has a problem.  If a month of drops don't work there is a new procedure where they pour wax in the ears we were told as an option down the road.  Teeth looked fine and after a good exam the doctor simply said she is going on 77 years old in dog years so she might have some pain and aches just like we do.  She is a very vocal dog.  Stopped at Pick N Save to buy a cake for tomorrows lunch with the guys since it is one of their birthdays.  As I got out of the car Tony said 'if you want flowers for Valentine's Day maybe you should buy yourself some'.  In the past I have made him buy me a card or flowers.  I single rose or dandelion would be fine as long as he took the time to get it and think of me.  I thought for a minute in the store that I might as well just buy myself flowers and did.  Save him the trip to the flower store tomorrow.  I bought Tony a balloon so I guess we are set for the Valentine holiday.  Might order a heart shaped pizza for supper and call it a day. 
After I was back home with the dogs for a while my tenant upstairs called and asked if her dog could come down and play.  Was surprised when she came down also and asked to talk.  She told he she did have her man arrested and he was charged with domestic abuse and disorderly conduct.  He is also going to abuse classes she told me.  So as you can see she is protecting her child and this couple is getting help.  It makes me a little upset the way someone keeps saying 'call child services' in comments.  You think the child would be better raised by strangers?  The child has never been abused.  Accidents do happen and the glass hitting the baby was an unfortunate end to a fight they had.  But that is not child abuse.   I will say it again.  If I ever feel there is a need to take action I would.  She soon left and I noticed this afternoon the boyfriend was here at the house for a couple hours.  Was told the baby is at her mothers for a couple days.  I could not give my dogs away for a couple days but to each their own I guess.  It snowed all day so this afternoon I had to go out and shovel the two inches of snow.  It is about 25 degrees outside and that is a heat wave considering the temperatures we have had lately.  Making sloppy Joe's and French fries for supper tonight.  Will hopefully watch a movie tonight since the DVR is getting down the last of the shows recorded.  I do like to save a couple shows on the DVR for times when there is NOTHING on TV. 


  1. well..maybe the mother told the girl to leave the baby with her cause she was afraid that the baby would get hurt.if the girl is smart she'd get rid of the jerk. if he hit her once he's gonna do it again.

  2. I HATE when people say 'if he hit you once he will do it again'. That is not ALWAYS true. When Tony and I started going out 25 years ago we did have our fights and one time it got physical. We discussed it and it never happened again. So, most cases it will happen again, but NOT ALL. Should I have thrown away what Tony and I have had for 25 years because of that ONE drunk fight? That would have been a very big mistake.