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Friday, February 21, 2014

February 21, 2014 Friday Afternoon

Yesterday was a horrible day weather wise here in Milwaukee.  Snow, sleet, rain, more rain, then the wind and more sleet, then more snow was pretty much how it was all day yesterday.  I was suppose to have a meeting in the afternoon and it was cancelled due to the weather.  Was wondering what I was going to do all day when the UPS guy showed up with the recent Internet purchase I made of two remote cameras and a DVR 7 inch screen security system.   I saw them on sale at Office Depot and then found it much cheaper on the Internet.  Of course this would come back to bite me later.  Figured I would spend the day setting up the cameras and figure out how to use the system to access it remotely through my laptop.  I thought if it works I would buy another some time down the road and use it to view the dogs when we are away from home.  Spent all afternoon making some mounts for the cameras so I could put them under the front yard cars since they are wireless and only need power connected to them.  So in the rain at times I was outside putting the two cameras and stringing electrical wires to make them work.  I tried as hard as possible not to disturb and animals under the cars but the possum did move from one car to another at one point because I was putting a camera under the Cadillac.  I could see the rabbit still under the car in the trunk part so I just left the camera where it was and set up the other camera under another car.  Spent an hour or more just reading the instruction book.  After I got the camera outside working I then tried to view them on my computer and also the laptop, rather than just the 7 inch screen DVR.  Installed all the software and no luck viewing them remotely.  By the time I thought to call tech support they were closed.  Spent the night watching TV with Tony and the dogs.  Of course the animals stayed as far from the cameras as possible and we never once saw them.  Went to bed around 10 PM listening to the winds howling outside at close to 50 mph.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Read the morning newspapers and started a couple movie downloads.  Around 9 AM I made my first call to Uniden tech support to have them fix one problem.  I then was told to download two patches and all should work fine.  Yah right.  Download the two patches and not working.  Called again tech support and was on hold waiting for a half hour like the first time.  Was then told to check with my Internet supplier to see what speed I have and if it is above what they told me it should be.  Called ATT to find out I have more then enough bandwidth and fast enough speed.   Was too late to call Uniden back for support again, and soon Tony picked me up for lunch with the guys.  Had a great lunch.  Tony dropped me off at home and I called Uniden again.   After an hour on hold and then talking to support I was told there must be a problem with the unit and I should return it.  This is where the lower price bought at BJ's Warehouse is going to bit me in the ass.  Returning it and getting another or my money back will just be a pain in the ass.  Figure I will just use the cameras and 7 inch screen to view under the cars and get a better system for viewing remotely.  Was told by tech support I should get the G series because they have their own router?   Will have to check into this.  Was told it is much easier to connect and view remotely.  Glad I only bought one of these security units.  Will spend the rest of the afternoon listening to music and snuggle with the dogs.  It is still so windy out and once in a while I think the sun room is going to fly away.  No plans tonight.  Will make left over spaghetti for supper.  Tomorrow night we have a fund raiser to go to that my sister bought tickets for and asked us to join them.  It is for the Bully Breed club here in Milwaukee for Pitbulls.   Will be a nice event and always nice to get dressed up in a suit and tie.  Sunday we will go to the local car show here in town of old classic cars.  Tony got tickets from one of his vendors he buys car parts from.  Most likely will meet one of the couples we have Friday lunch with to meet for lunch before the car show and go to the show with them since they are big car guys like Tony.

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