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Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014 Monday Afternoon

Had a very nice weekend.

Saturday we spent the day around the house.  Tony spent most of the day watching TV.  I spent most of the day playing with the new cameras and getting them in just the right spot under the cars in the front yard to view the rabbit and possum.  We took a nice nap with the dogs in the afternoon.  By 5 PM we showered and got all dressed up in our suits Saturday night for a fundraiser for Pitbull dogs.  My sister had tickets and invited Tony and I to attend with her and her husband.  We had a great time at this event.  We even valet parked and really only had to be in the cold for a short time to go to this event.  There were two Pitbulls at the event.  One was from the Michael Vick dog fighting rescue.  Such a sweet dog and in a tux.  Here is a picture of my sister and I will the M V Dog.
The night was magical.  We met so many nice people doing good things for Pitbulls.  So nice because there are too many people out there not being nice to Pitbulls.  Open bar all night.  Food was OK.  Filled up on appetizers.   Was full when the pasta came.   I actually spent a good chunk of the night playing with this dog and another that was there to show the dangers of in breeding.  Such a sweet dog with only good back legs.  One front leg needs a brace, the other is like a chicken wing and not useable.  Here is a picture of me with that dog.
Such a sweet and happy dog.  Sure didn't deserve a life so tough.  Stayed at the event until close to 11 PM and then came home.  I spent the night smiling and in tears.  Happy tears.   The dogs made the event.   After we got home we spent a little time watching TV and then went to bed to do the lovin thing and go to sleep.

Sunday we were up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Spent the morning watching TV and reading the newspaper.  Met one of the couples we have Friday lunch with for lunch and then went to a classic car show across the street at State Fair park.  I really enjoy being with this couple and one of the best things that has come out of me finding out I was HIV+.   I met them.  We get along so good.  They are both into cars so Tony loves them also.  Spent a couple hours at the car show and headed home.  Spent the night watching the gay themed movie Pit Stop.  Was OK but not really sure what the plot was.  Went to bed around 9 PM and soon was sleeping.

This morning I was up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Spent the morning firming up our Wedding plans.  As of Friday it is legal to get married in one county of Illinois.  It is about an hour and a half from Milwaukee to the closest clerk of courts office.  Reserved a wedding at the court house for 2:30 PM on March 21st.  Then rented a stretch limo to take us there for the day.  I was in tears as I made these reservations.  Never did I ever think this would happen in my lifetime.  I am going to get married.  Of course it will not be legal in Wisconsin by the state.  But it is recognized at the federal level and that is good enough for me.  In time it will then become legal here after all the court challenges.  So....................I am getting married to Tony on March 21st 2014, our 25th anniversary of meeting each other.   How cool is that?  I am on cloud nine.

Of course Tony did almost bring me down this afternoon when he came home around 2 PM asking for another cat carrier.  I guess the employees have already caught two to get fixed.  Only problem is we don't have them scheduled until NEXT WEEK to have them fixed.  I did call to see if we could sneak them in this week with no luck.  Had to call Tony at work and tell him to release them.  Now they probably will not fall for that again next week.  We will have to see.  Why don't spouses listen and remember what you tell them? 

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