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Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013 Monday Afternoon

Saturday Tony's sister showed up around noon and dropped off just one kid, our 9 year old nephew Anthony.  Saturday afternoon Tony, Anthony and I went to the Discovery World science museum.  Spent a couple hours there and had a great time.   We never go to places like this unless we have a nephew or two so it is nice to have them once in a while.  After we got home we watched the movies Despicable Me and Super Buddies as we ate a delivered pizza.  Around 9 PM Tony's sister showed up at the house a little tipsy.  I have no patience for drunks any more and thankfully she was not as bad as in the past we have seen.  Stayed up and talked until about 10:30 PM and then we all went to sleep.  Around 12:15 AM the upstairs tenant lady was banging on the back door so we could move the sisters car so she could leave with the baby.  It's 12:15 AM for goodness sake.  Tony moved the car and we went back to bed so see the boyfriend come home, walking 10 minutes later.  Guess she left before him.  At 12:30 AM the boyfriend calls us to ask if we know where his girlfriend is.  WTF?   These two are going to be a handful. 

Sunday morning Tony's sister had us up by 7:30 AM to say she was getting ready to leave for the two hour drive back home with Anthony.  Said goodbye and spent the rest of the morning reading the newspaper.  Around noon Tony and I went for a long bike ride along the bike paths north to Estrabrook Park.  Had a nice bike ride and ice cream at Culver's.  Took some nice pictures along the river.  Will post one hopefully tomorrow.  Spent last night watching Amazing Race and Good Wife before we did the loving thing and went to sleep. 

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Woke up feeling like I am getting sick or a cold.  Sinus is full and draining down my throat.  Feel tired.  The window guys showed up at 9:30 AM to start the window insulation that was to take place last Thursday.  It is going on  1:30 PM and they are still working on the trim.  They look great.  I will get some pictures.
Going to go to the couch and relax, maybe try to take a nap for a bit until they knock on the door to say the windows are done.  Will spend tonight watching Dancing With The Stars and Castle.  I think I am getting sick.  I hate being sick.

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  1. And it's OK for the tenants to involve you in this stuff? It's ok for a telephone call asking about the girlfriend at 12:30 AM?

    Trust me, need to get them out sooner rather than later. This isn't going to end well.