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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 30, 2013 Wednesday Afternoon

The vet called a little before 4 PM to say Vito was ready to be picked up.  I called Tony at work and he came home to pick me up and go get Vito.  One of us has to hold the dog and the other will have to drive.  They brought Vito out and he was so happy to hear my voice and get into my arms.  It is times like that that make me feel needed.  Everything would be OK if he is in my arms.  Paid the $1300 for the surgery and headed home.  Being diabetic we had different instructions depending on how much he ate for supper and breakfast.  Of course he ate good and got 4 units of Insulin instead of his usual 5 units as we were told.  (since they gave him some Insulin during the day).  Spent the night with Vito at my side on the couch.  Watched the movie Bridegroom from Sunday night on Own network.  What a great movie.  Everyone should see this movie if they have any doubt why gay marriage is important.  So sad and we were both in tears many times during the movie.  Shame on those parents who didn't let him go to his partners funeral.  Watched a little TV in bed and went to sleep around 10 PM.  Couldn't sleep and ended up listening to Cher on my IPod for a while.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Got Vito off the bed and fed the dogs, gave him his shot.  Spent all day just laying around with Vito keeping him next to me and not moving around much.  Will make sweet and sour chicken and rice for supper tonight.  I am sure we will just spend the night with Vito by our sides watching TV.  Here is a picture of Vito and his two tumors removed.  He is going to have quite the scars.  He also had six teeth removed. 

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