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Friday, October 25, 2013

October 25, 2013 Friday Afternoon

Was up this morning by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Laid around all morning feeling chilled.  Could not get warm.  It is only in the 40s but I have the heat on to 70 degrees in the house.  Took a shower and went to have lunch with the guys.  Had a good lunch but started feeling pain in my bladder area.  Came home and spent the afternoon just trying to stay warm and dealing with the pain.  I feel like I have to pee and then I do, but I only seem to half empty and have to go again within a half hour.  Hoping I don't have another bladder infection since I have had them many times since being HIV and on these meds.  Will take it easy tonight and just watch a movie.  Hopefully this pain will pass.  I am praying anyway.  If it does not I will call the doctor first thing on Monday if I make it until then.  No plans this weekend so I will just lay low and get a lot of sleep and drink a lot of liquids.

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  1. Don't wait until Monday. it could be a UTI or kidney stones. The sooner its dealt with the better