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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29, 2013 Tuesday Afternoon

Stayed in bed this morning until 7 AM.  Got up and the dogs wanted to be fed but had to wait.  Around 7:15 I gave Vito his antibiotic and 2 units of Insulin and took him to the vet.  Dropped him off and then went to McDonald's for a bagel and Tony dropped me off at home.  I then called the vet to have them check a large mass on the right side of his back about half way down.  Figured it might be a good time to get an xray while he is under.  The vet called back a little while later and said that mass will have to be removed also and she is concerned it might be cancer.  This removal wasn't even part of the $1000 estimate.  Told the doctor to do what needs to be done and call me when Vito is ready.  Around noon I was called to say he made it through surgery and is sleeping.  Was told with a laugh that he will have the perfect costume already since he has a big line of stitches across his back.  I will get a picture on here tomorrow.  Told the doctor my little boy will not be out trick or treating this year due to his surgery.  We both laughed and then she said she would call me back when he is awake and ready to be picked up.  They are also shaving him all over so his hair will be down to the skin.  We will never get another chance to get his face trimmed so we had them do it while he is under.  He will look so different when I get him.  Still waiting for the vet to call and it is going on 3:30 PM.  Got salads for supper all made and in the refrigerator.  Will just make a frozen pizza or something to go with the salads.  Will spend the night next to Vito making sure he stays calm and sleeps most of tonight.  I know what they are like after surgery and he will not be able to jump or climb stairs until tomorrow.  Don't want him falling off the couch so he will be by my side the rest of the night.  Was cloudy and in the 50s today.  I took a nice nap with the other three dogs this afternoon.  They were all over me.  Stella on one side and Kali and Bo against me on the other.  I could hardly move.  They miss their brother Vito and know something is going on.  They will know when they smell him and see the scar.  Will spend the night watching TV with Vito by my side.  Suppose to rain all day tomorrow.  Will be a good day to clean since I did so little today.

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