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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 11, 2012 Tuesday Afternoon

Shortly after I posted yesterday I got a call from the Milwaukee Journal.  It was the guy who ran my editorial in the newspaper that day.  He said he got a strange request today, a call from WE Energies wanting my phone number so they could call me and respond to my editorial about them placing a half page ad in the newspaper and who paid for it.  I said I would be happy to talk to him and within an hour I got a call from the rep from WE Energies.  He tried explaining the rate increases and then told me 'we' did not pay for the ad, the share holders did.  Well, to me that is just a big circle of profits going to shareholders that could have just lowered our rates rather than dividends to them.  But I thanked him for calling, we both were very nice on the phone, and I did appreciate the call since I put the editorial in the newspaper to get a response, and got one.  Called me dad and told him all about it.  Spent the night watching some shows on the DVR and then the gay themed movie called Nine Dead Gay Guys.  It was dark humor.  We did enjoy the movie.  Half way through watching the movie I heard my email say I had mail and sure enough the problem of not getting my ATT email somehow fixed itself and my email box filled with the days emails.  Was glad I didn't spend more time on the phone trying to fix the problem.  Was going to work on it today if it wasn't fixed over night.  Went to bed around 10 PM after watching Hawaii Five O.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Had a good productive day today.  By 8:30 AM I headed back to the basement and spent the entire morning until 12:30 PM cleaning the paint room and scrap wood room.  Our house is over a 100 years old and the basement has all these rooms off the main basement.  Ended up carrying out to the garage many loads of scrap wood I have been keeping and cans of paint that has dried up.  Filled two big city garbage cans out back.  Laid down for an hour to rest since my body ached and my back hurts.  Got up and got the mail which contained my calender I ordered on the Internet over the weekend with big block days to write things in.  Also got a big box of steaks from my brother and his partner for Christmas.  Six big steaks wrapped in bacon.  Making two of them for supper tonight.  Also got my tax bill and for once the escrow check to cover it is more than the tax bill so I will get a small refund.  Hey, a refund is a refund and $280 will come in handy this Christmas.  Got on the Internet and ordered my brothers Christmas present.  He should get it next week.  Don't want to say what it is because he sometimes reads my blog.  Going to take a pain pill and lay back and watch TV since my body hurts from carrying up all the scrap wood from the basement.  Making two bacon wrapped steaks and mashed potatoes with a salad for supper tonight.  Will most likely spend the night watching more TV from the DVR and a movie I downloaded.  Was 30 degrees today, sunny, slight breeze.  We broke a record here in Milwaukee for most days without snow, 281 as of today.  Haven't had measurable snow since last March which, like I said, is a record we broke.  I swear the world is changing faster than we realize and global warming is a reality.

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