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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5, 2012 Wednesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching another movie I downloaded called Adam And Steve.  It was another good movie worth the time and glad I downloaded it.  From the title you can tell it was a gay themed movie.  Went to bed around 9:30 PM and went to sleep after doing the lovin thing.

This morning I was up at 6 AM with stomach cramps.  Once I finally got off the toilet I fed the dogs and went back to bed.  Tony gave me a kiss goodbye as I laid in bed.  Slept until around 10 AM and spent the day doing things around the house and cruising the Internet.  Was sad to hear a blog I follow about a dog named Ronan who had his leg amputated due to cancer a couple weeks ago and has been on chemo since then, guess the dog now has a big tumor on the other leg and it is just now a matter of how long to put the dog through this.  The guy loves his dog and says he will do the right thing and not let his dog be in pain.  He has spent over $5000 on the surgery and chemo and now all for nothing.  So sad and brought a tear to my eye.  Been down that road with five dogs and it never gets easier.  It was in the 30s today and partly cloudy.  The wind made it feel cold outside.  I did at one point drive to Tony's shop to drop off his cell phone that he left on the charger.  Got tired of answering it so thought it best to drop it off.  Was going to go do some Christmas shopping but I just am not in the mood yet.  Guess I have to wait until the week before to feel the pressure and maybe be in the Christmas spirit.  Plus I can't honestly think of anything we need besides a new vacuum.  Making a hamburger helper lasagna tonight for supper with garlic bread and salads.  Will most likely spend the night watching from the DVR since the last two nights have started to fill up the DVR.  Watching Ellen right now on TV.  Her camera crew came to Milwaukee last night at the Walgreen's right here by our house.  Today they are showing the film from last night.  Was hoping I would see her but she did not come, just her camera crew and a co host.  Everyone was told to wear an ugly Christmas sweater.  Was hoping they would have a pic of our house since it is quite well known and Ellen show was a half mile from our house.  Going to go watch the rest of Ellen.............. 

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