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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27, 2012 Tuesday Afternoon

Took Bo to the vet today at 11 AM to get his nails trimmed. Stopped off at McDonald's after the appointment and got me a hamburger and medium french fries for the dogs to munch on while I eat my hamburger. My lungs and back are hurting me today and have been for a while now. It seems to be getting worse and I am thinking I might have to see a doctor soon if it doesn't get better. I think it is also making me very tired, so something is not right. Took a walk to Pick N Save, not really to go shopping, but to just get out and walk. Today started in the 40s and it is now close to 60 degrees outside. Nice in the sun. Felt good to walk. My back and lungs almost feel stress related, but I have no stress to speak of so I think it has to be my lungs. Don't feel like cooking tonight so I think we will go down the street for dollar tacos and call it dinner. Will spend the night watching Dancing With The Stars Results and then Body Of Proof, before going to bed. Not much else going on today. Wish I didn't have this lung and back / shoulder pain. It is even hard to breath at times. Time will tell I guess if it is something serious.

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