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Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013 Monday Afternoon

Friday night we spent the night watching TV.  I got a phone call around 9 PM from someone at MADACC to respond to the message I had left early in the day.  I talked, he talked, and soon I had had enough of his excuses about why these fight dogs have been locked up for almost two years.  He actually had a laugh in his voice and said the reason for all this uproar is simply due to the fact it is 'February sweeps ratings month' on TV.  I tried to explain to him again why people like me are so upset is the fact it took a reporter to try to change the laws rather than MADACC trying, if they truly cared about the dogs.  It is all about the money.  Did the loving thing and went to sleep around 10:30 PM.

Saturday we were up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Spent the morning reading the newspaper and watching TV.  Left for the car show around 11 AM and we were back home by 2 PM with chili from Wendy's.  Took a nice nap with the dogs and slept until about 4 PM.  Made some hamburgers for supper.  Spent the night watching the movie Bully and the movie Argo.  Both were very good movies.  Why Bully is not allowed to be shown in schools is beyond me.  Every kid should have to watching the movie Bully when they are in middle school.  Argo was very good also and encourage you to rent it.  Went to bed around 10 PM and watched SNL in bed.  Turned off the TV at midnight and went to sleep.

Sunday we were up again by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Tony wanted to go have breakfast with his mom, I was not fond of the idea.  Ended up finally going to George Webb's for breakfast around 11 AM.  Stopped off at Walgreen's for some sale items and then the corner grocery store for lottery tickets.   Watched a little TV and then went into the bedroom to nap.  Of course Tony naps best after sex, so we did the loving thing and then napped.  Ordered some subs from Domino's for supper delivered.  Spent the night watching The Good Wife and Mentalist before doing the loving thing again and going to sleep around 10:30 PM. 

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Didn't sleep well from all the napping the day before.  Told myself I will not nap today.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Spent the morning reading the newspapers and doing some cleaning and vacuuming around the house.  Tony called around 11 AM to tell me about a handsome guy on M TV show called Catfish that the guys at the shop had on the TV.  Of course I wonder why they are watching TV.  Must have been break time.  Turned the channel to watch the show and got sucked into it for the entire hour.  At noon I went for my usual walk along the river trails.  Was mad I did not bring my camera since the snow is almost all melted and you can really see the big ice blocks that are up on the shoreline.  They are a foot thick and 12 feet long.   Had a great walk and got home around 1:30 PM.  Put on some music and relaxed on the couch with the dogs for an hour.  Making Chicken Corden Blue and beef rice tonight with a salad for supper.  Will most likely spend the night watching How I Met Your Mother, Rules Of Engagement, The Following, and Deception before going to sleep.  Tomorrow I am going to a general meeting at MADACC open to the public to discuss this dog fighting scandal.  The meeting is at noon.  I figure I will go to voice my support for the dogs.  Rain is coming.  It got to 40 degrees today but suppose to rain by supper time, turning to snow by morning.  In the teens tomorrow for high temps.  Spring, where are you?

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