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Friday, February 8, 2013

February 8, 2013 Friday Afternoon

Last night the snow just kept falling.  Watched American Idol and Glee on TV.  Went outside one last time to shovel the snow at 9 PM.  Came in and shortly went to bed to watch a couple episodes of Hardcore Pawn on our big 110 inch TV in the bedroom.  Here is a picture of what sleep time looks like at our house.  You can see Kali, Vito and Bo across the top of the bed row of pillows.   Tony sleeps on one side of the bed, Stella in the middle, and me in the empty space on the other end of the bed.  It was worse, we once had five dogs.
This morning I was up at 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Got bundled up and went outside to shovel so I could push the snow away from the garage and Tony could plow it away before he left for work for the day.  Shoveled the side yard for the dogs and the front sidewalk.  Had to make paths around the side yard for Vito.  Since he is blind, when it snows like this, he gets very lost outside.  The snow is about 6 inches deep and I had to go out and get him once already today, lost in a corner.  The snow is very pretty.  Here are some pictures of the view looking North and South.
The snow is just hanging on the trees and looks so pretty.  Here is a picture of the house.
Met Tony and the guys for lunch.  Had a great lunch as usual laughing and telling stories.  Stopped off to make copies of my taxes at a copy store so I can get them in the mail next week.  Then went to Pick N Save to buy some fresh fruit and produce for the weekend.  Will spend the rest of the afternoon doing some cleaning and vacuuming around the house.  Making fried left over spaghetti and a salad for Tony's supper tonight.  I will eat the chili I brought home from lunch and a salad for supper.  Will most likely spend the night watching TV from the DVR since there are over 40 shows on the DVR to watch.  No plans this weekend.  Will most likely spend most of the weekend at home with the dogs, staying warm, watching TV.  It got to about 30 degrees today in Milwaukee.  Usually the snow falls off the trees by now.  It still is so pretty outside with the trees all covered in snow.

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