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Friday, August 16, 2013

August 16, 2013 Friday Afternoon

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Tony left for work around 7:30 AM.  Spent the morning reading the newspaper and doing my usual Friday movie downloads.  Met Tony and the guys for lunch and had a great lunch as usual with their company.  Came home and spent the afternoon listening to Pet Shop Boys and doing things around the house.  Just as I was laying back on the couch the dogs started barking and I got up to see Tony walking up the back stairs, home from work early.  Way early for a Friday.  I asked him if he was home for the day, he said 'yes'.  I asked him why and he said 'because I got all the cars done I wanted to get done'.  I then said to him 'if you were going to get home so early why didn't you let me know so I could plan something for us to do',  he looked at me and said 'that's why, I am home to relax'.  Of course telling him I have been home relaxing all day didn't get a good response.  So Tony is home and we will most likely spend the night here at the house with the dogs watching TV.  The windows are open and it is in the 70s again today in Milwaukee.  Honestly the weather here has been great this past month.  Next week the heat and air conditioning will have to go on.  Been a nice break on the electric bill this past month, although filling and turning on the hot tub yesterday won't help with that either.  The water was not hot enough to go into last night before I went to bed.  It was warm but not hot.  It is now hot and tonight I will go in and get a good soak.  Only plans this weekend is to go to the car races tomorrow night and a car show on Sunday.  Suppose to be a great weekend weather wise so I am sure we will spend a lot of time just enjoying the outside weather, whether we are home or away.

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