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Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013 Monday Afternoon

Friday night we spent the night watching a Zombie movie.  It was not very good.  Went to bed around 9 PM and watched an hour of TV before going to sleep.

Saturday was Rockerbox, a big motorcycle event that ends up being 8 blocks of motorcycles four rows deep.  Most of the motorcycles are old or foreign.  Booths selling stuff and food vendors up the eight blocks of the street festival.  It is one of my favorite since we are four houses off the street it is on.  We can walk there and just keep coming back to fill our drinks and hit the bathroom all day.  Had great weather, in the 70s and partly cloudy.  Could not have been a more perfect day.  Here are four pictures from the event.

Took a short break in the middle of the afternoon to do a round of lovin. 
At one point a bunch of motorcycles were parked in front of the house so I got a good picture of it.
Spent the night watching the movies Evil Dead and Black Rock.  Both were good movies.  Went to bed around 10:20 PM after the local news and weather.

Sunday morning we were up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Around 11 AM we went to breakfast at what was my favorite restaurant, Hubbard Park Lodge, for a Sunday brunch.  It turned out not to be so good this time.  The waitress was horrible and she was always a step behind getting salt, pepper, silverware  ............ anything.  I had to grab pancake syrup off the other table since I ask three times and the pancakes were getting cold.  I sat there with my omelet getting cold waiting for silverware.  I could go on and on, she was not good and needs to be retrained or let go.  I even told the manager who wanted to pick up the bill but I said it was not necessary and not why I relayed the information to him.  She was just horrible.  Went home wondering if I will return since it is a very expensive breakfast and for the price want better service.  Here is a picture of Tony and I at breakfast.

After we got home and I wanted to ride our bikes down to the lakefront for the air show.  Tony soon fell asleep on the couch and getting him to do anything the rest of the day was futile.  Tony slept all afternoon.  I sat outside listening to music with the dogs enjoying the weather and yard.  Made steaks on the grill and spent the night watching the movies Oblivion and Jeffrey Dahmer Files.  I enjoyed both movies.  Jeffrey Dahmer lived not far from us so we could relate to the story.  Tony swears he even met Dahmer one time in a bar.  Went to bed around 10 PM.

This morning we were up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and Tony left for work.  I planned on going to the State Fair with Tony today if the weather was good.  Tony needs a day off and this would be a good day.  Weather report called for rain all day but I figured we could go to the fair and be back before the rain.  Tony opened the shop and was home by 10 AM and we were at the fair by 11 AM.  Spent four hours walking around buying things and listening to music, as well as all the animal barns.  I do love all the animals.  Got home around 4 PM and it still had not rained.  Was glad I took the chance and the weatherman was wrong.  Was hardly anyone there, or at least not as crowded as in the past when we have gone.  No lines and didn't have to bang into people walking around.  Was also in the high 60s and cloudy, so it was perfect weather.  I will most likely put in a frozen pizza for supper and we will spend the night watching the past to True Blood episodes before we go to bed.

Our tenants informed us on Friday they are indeed moving out at the end of the month.  I put a for rent sign out front and have had three calls already.  Showing it to them on Wednesday.  I hate having to show the apartment and go through all this crap to find the right person.  Hate turning down someone because I simply don't want the living above me in my house.  I do hope to find someone this time who can take care of our dogs so we can go on a well needed vacation away from the house for a couple days. 

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