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Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1, 2013 Friday Afternoon

We contemplated going out last night in costume.  I did have a costume all in mind.  I was going to go as a sugar daddy wearing a shirt that says sugar daddy, a kid carrier with a bag a sugar.  Still might go out Friday night but I doubt it.  It is so hard to get outside after 9 PM at night when you are all snug and comfortable in the house.  It rained all yesterday and last night so going out last night would have been very wet.  Watched SNL Halloween special, Grey Anatomy and then went to bed to do the lovin thing before watching Chelsea Handler's show Chelsea Lately.  I love her show.  Just started watching a couple months ago and we find ourselves sitting here laughing out loud at times.  Went to sleep around 10:30 PM after the news.

This morning I was up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Only one movie to download this week, Grown Ups Part 2.   Will watch it one day.  Had lunch with the guys and went to the bank afterwards.  Came home and took a short nap with the dogs as I listened to the rain fall.  Another cold rainy day in Milwaukee.  It was only in the low 40s today.  There is a Halloween costume party at a neighborhood bar tonight that we might go to.  It seems more likely we will just order a pizza and stay home and watching TV from the DVR.  No plans this weekend.  Will most likely spend a lot of time watching TV or movies since it is getting cold outside and the weather does not look good.


  1. Hi, just wanted to say that I'm sorry that your life is not what you ever imagined it would be, but it rarely is for anyone. You can't let the fear and dread take over... just live in the moment and be happy because you were not meant to be unhappy. Unless the world is literally coming to an end, don't worry, just try to be happy and go with the flow. One thought that keeps me feeling hopeful is that the current anti hiv meds are basically a functional cure as long as the drugs are available and taken as directed. Good luck and I hope you live a long, happy and healthy life! :)

  2. one last comment.... Lexapro literally changed my life for the better. I only take 5mg and it works so well for depression and general anxiety.