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Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013 Monday Morning

It was very cold in Milwaukee last weekend and we did very little outside the house because of it.  Neither of us like going out in the cold and it just seems to get worse as we get older.  Saturday we never left the house.  Spent all day watching TV or movies.  Took a nice nap and did the loving thing Saturday afternoon.  Ordered a lasagna and garlic bread for supper delivered.  Spent Saturday night watching the gay Internet series Hunting Season, which was very good.  Eight short 10 minute episodes.  Was very good and I look forward to more episodes online.  We also watched the movie We Are The Millers.  I liked the movie and laughed many times.  Was pretty much what I expected of the movie and my expectations were low.  Went to bed Saturday night around 10 PM and watched half of SNL in bed before going to sleep.

Sunday morning we were up by 7 AM.  Made breakfast and spent the morning reading the newspaper and watching TV.  It was so cold again and never got out of the 20s.  Watched the movies Red 2 and Triple Crossed.  Triple Crossed was a gay themed thriller and it was very good.  I recommend finding the movie Triple Crossed.  Didn't hurt that the guys were hot as hell and there were some very hot sex scenes.  Red 2 was entertaining enough.  We left the house around 4 PM to get the weekly lottery tickets and have supper at a local restaurant here on the Eastside.  Had soup and sandwich.   Spent the night watching Amazing Race, Good Wife and Mentalist.  Went to sleep after the Mentalist and a little lovin.

This morning we woke to snow coming down.  We got about 2 inches and it has finally stopped.  It is so cold and I keep wondering how long I can live here in Wisconsin with these Winters and the cold.  Spent the morning putting more Christmas decorations out since the falling snow put me in the mood.  Going to take a nap soon because tonight we have plans to go to a party at a local bar for their anniversary.  The bar puts out a great spread of food.  Will have a couple drink, enjoy some friends company, eat some good food, and come home.  Not looking forward to going out in the cold tonight but I can not live my entire life indoors for the next four or more months. 

Of course the tenant came knocking on the door Saturday afternoon to apologize for the day before when she came down drunk.  I told her not to let it bother her 'but maybe you should consider not drinking'.   Tony and I talked and all your concerns in posts are valid and we are going to set boundaries.  If she wants to talk or something I will either say 'now is not a good time' or go up by her so I can leave when I need to.   Evicting them is not an option since they have done nothing to be evicted for at this point.  I honestly think she hates being home all day with their kid and thought I was going to be her bff all day when they moved in.  No such thing going to happen since I enjoy my time alone with my dogs and don't plan on spending time with her or developing a friendship.  I also think she is bipolar. 

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