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Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2, 2014 Thursday Afternoon

First year I was asleep as the new year arrived.  We made steaks and a nice supper.  Watched a couple episodes of Homeland and soon Tony was sleeping on the couch by 9 PM.  I watched a little of Anderson Cooper and then went to bed with Tony and the dogs to watch TV in bed.  Well, in no time I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up it was 2 AM.  Happy New Year.

Spent New Year's Day watching the remaining episodes of Homeland.  Binge watched the entire third season in one week.  I did enjoy the entire season.  Still wondering why she isn't going nuts not being on her meds because of the baby?  She should be a mess by now and seemed very well at the end of the season after Body was hanged.  Will watch next season or download and watch it next year this time most likely.  It snowed all day.  I went out and shoveled a couple times during the day in between watching TV.  We got about 8 inches of fluffy snow.  Spent the night watching two gay themed movies called Vampire Boys 2 and The Men Next Door.  Both were entertaining enough.  Sometimes very sad how very few gay themed movies there are and how we will sit through and watch a gay themed movie with such bad acting.  Went to bed by 9 PM and watched a little TV and the news before doing the lovin thing and going to sleep.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Tony soon left for work.  As he left I noticed a note on the back stairs from the guy upstairs saying 'the bank was closed yesterday and he will have his half of the rent to me later today'.  I had to shake my head since I knew the banks would be closed but what does that matter when you write out a check?  I got her half over the weekend in the mail.  I spent the morning doing things around the house and shoveling the snow outside that fell over night.  We got about 3 more inches of fluffy snow over night.  Sure has been a snowy cold Winter so far.  I have already had about enough.   As I was shoveling the snow she came outside to go somewhere with her baby.  As she shoveled off her car she asked me if I had 'talked to her boyfriend'.  It was more in the tone of that I HAD talked with her boyfriend.  I said he left a note about the rent and she looked at me with this dumb look.  She then said 'he told you he was moving out right?'.   I said no I had not talked with him about that.  She paused and said 'well, this is why, see he said he went out with you and Tony one night to a gay bar and told you guys the entire story'.  When I told her we had not been out with him she said he even gave this whole story and account of the night and what food and drinks were at the bar.  WOW!   I didn't intend to step into this one but what the hell?  Who makes up such a story and why?  So I guess he will be moving out?  I have no clue how she can pay her rent not working, going to school, and having a baby less than a year old.  What a fucked up couple of people.  He is now washing windows as a job and leaves the house at 3:30 AM and gets home around 4 PM.  At least I think he is going there and doing that.  Who would know at this point since what he says to his girl friend are lies.  Making some salads and TV dinners for supper tonight.  Will most likely watch a couple movies and hope I get the other half of my rent tonight.  Funny, didn't I go through this last month with them?

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  1. The situation with the tenants is not going to end well. If he is making up stories involving you and Tony, he is definitely unhinged. BE CAREFUL. Sorry to say, but he could be dangerous. If they are on a month to month lease, I would give them 30 days notice and be done with them. This is getting very creepy, Dave...