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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014 Wednesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching the first three episodes of Intelligence.   I like the people in the show but hate the story line.  The show makes Josh H into a super hero or something with all his powers.  Not sure if this show is going to make it or how long it will keep our interest.  Went to bed around 9 PM for a round of lovin.  Then watched a few episodes of Everyone Loves Raymond before going to sleep. 

This morning I was up by 6 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Was up early not only because of bowel problems but because today is the deadline for ordering my book I have been working on to get 40 percent off.  So of course I laid in bed most of last night thinking of those last few pics that just have to be in the book.   Tony soon left for work and I loaded Shutterfly and started doing more work on the book.  Time just flies.  It was noon soon and I figured I would never get anything else done today unless I just ordered the damn thing and stopped making changes.  Ordered the book.  Got 40 % off and free shipping.  Was happy with the price.  Tried to lay on the bed with the dogs but just couldn't stop thinking about everything I still need to get done around here and soon got up.  Showered and started cleaning the house.  Making left over spaghetti for supper tonight.  I will pan fry it crispy for Tony.  I will most likely have a TV dinner or something.  Will most likely spend the night watching American Idol.   Was another cold day today in Milwaukee.  Only got to 8 degrees this afternoon.  I am so damn sick of the cold.  It also snowed on and off flurries most of the day today.  Not enough to shovel but enough to keep covering the dirty snow. 

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