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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014 Tuesday Afternoon

Saturday afternoon we saw psychic John Edwards.  There were about 300 people.  Was interesting but I liked Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo better.  Got home and ordered some Jimmy John's subs for supper since we were to have a light supper due to our Monday morning colonoscopies.

Sunday we spent the day eating Jell-O and soup chicken broth.  Went to Jo Ann Fabric in the afternoon to buy some material to hang over the deck roof I made to block the sun.  The clerk thought Tony and I made a cute couple and after I told her we just recently got married she looked at me and said 'I can see he really loves you'.  Thought that was sweet.  Came home and at 4 PM we both started drinking the prep solution for the colonoscopy.  Got what we had to drink done in the two hours and was one the toilet an hour after beginning to drink the solution.  Watched TV in bed and spent the night rolling around waiting for 2:30 AM to come so we could both start drinking the solution again to clean out our bodies.

Monday morning we got up by 3 AM and started drinking the colonoscopy solution.  Showered and left the house at 7 AM for our colonoscopies.  They took me in one room and Tony in another.  At 8:35 AM the nurse came and got me and took me to the room for the procedure.  The last thing I remember was the nurse telling me to lay on my side.  Next thing I was in my room and soon I was in Tony's room.  This is all a blur.   Got home by 11 AM and spent the rest of the day napping and watching TV.  Went to sleep early Monday night after watching Dancing With The Stars.  Funny how the mind works when under for the procedure.  Tony and I spent the night talking about what we did and did not remember.  Here is a run down of what we remember:
Tony and I spent last night comparing what we remember about the colonoscopy. Here is what we remember:

My memory after the colonoscopy returns when I am already in Tony's room. Tony had his procedure after mine so I was a bit more awake? I don't honestly remember walking to Tony's room. What is weird is even though my memory begins in Tony's room I do vaguely remember that I had graham crackers in my room. I remember thinking 'cool, graham crackers' since I do love them. What is funny is I don't remember what I drank with the crackers. Coffee? Water? What the cup looked like? Nothing. I assume I had coffee. Tony has no member of his coffee or crackers. I remember seeing him with crackers but have no memory of what he was drinking. Why would I remember the crackers and not the drink?

We both wondered how the employee knew to come get us and get McDonald's food for us. I checked my phone log on my cell phone 'to recall' that I called Tony's shop at 10:12 AM to have an employee come pick us up. I have no memory of telling him to bring coffee and McDonald's which he did bring because I guess I told him to.

We both wonder how we got dressed and have no memory of it. I somehow managed to put underwear, long johns, sweats, socks, and two shirts on without remembering. Funny thing is I always put my socks on after my long johns so I can put the socks over them so the long johns don't bunch up when I put the sweat pants on. My socks were not that way. Did I dress myself or did someone help me?

Scariest part is Tony drove our car home, I was the passenger, while the employee followed us in his car. Of course we were not suppose to drive home. I do remember saying 'we should stop at Home Depot' as we passed the store but remember nothing else about the ride home. Tony should not have drove home because he also does not remember much about doing it. As we talked about this drive home I honestly thought at first I had drove the car home. So scary.

I lastly last night mentioned to Tony as we were talking about this that one employee was not at the shop when I called. I remember telling Tony this at least four times during the day and when I mentioned it last night Tony did not remember me ever telling him. Too funny.

I had two polyps. Tony had six. I have to have another in six years. Tony will need another in 3 years.
Found out today from Tony's employee that I did indeed drive home after the colonoscopy.  Scary because I do not remember and Tony swears he drove home.  
This morning I was up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.   Did four loads of laundry during the course of the day.  It rained all day today and looks like this week it will rain every day.  Went to Home Depot and bought some stuff I needed for the deck.  Worked on the fabric overhang.  Spent the afternoon watching TV and listening to the rain fall.  Making salads and sweet and sour chicken for supper tonight.  Will spend the night watching TV and most likely go to bed early due to the rain and damp weather.   

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  1. Glad the procedures are over. When they tell you not to drive after a anesthesia it is for a REASON: YOU ARE IMPAIRED after a procedure. You put your life and everyone else on the road's life in danger. I'm sure they told you not to drive and it makes no sense why you wouldn't follow those orders?? Fortunately, no one was hurt.