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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 11, 2013 Wednesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching the movie Grabbers.  It was a cheap horror film.  Sometimes, like this movie, it is best not to see the monster until later in the movie.  Sometimes seeing the monster ruins the movie because it is so cheap looking and silly.  This was one of those movies.  Spent the last hour or so in bed watching What Would You Do before turning off the TV after the local news.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Tony left the house around 7:30 AM with instructions to spend as little time outside as possible.  It is down right horribly cold outside here in Milwaukee.  The temperature right now is 8 degrees at 3:30 PM.  Tonight we are suppose to go down to a wind chill of 25 below zero.  This is way too cold for December.  We get this in January.  What is January and February going to be like?  Showered and bundled up good so I could leave the house.  Got breakfast at McDonalds and then went to Pick N Save to do the weekly grocery shopping.  Bought way more than I wanted and couldn't believe it was over $100.  I figured since I don't want to leave the house I have to buy groceries and cook?  Spent the day listening to ELO and doing things around the house.  Making a couple TV dinners and salads for supper tonight.  I bought a bunch on sale so we will be having TV dinners for a while here and there.  
I don't mind having the tenants dog down by us and would rather it play down here then see it sitting outside waiting for someone to bring it in from outside in this cold.  I am not going to punish a dog for it's parents bad behavior. 
I got a friend request from a guy I went to college with.  I then said Hi and we have been communicating.  Feeling a little stressed because I broke one of my own rules - Be careful who you tell about your HIV.  He wrote me a long message about his life and the heart problems he is having and will need a new heart to survive once they cure the cancer just found.  When I typed out a long message reply I talked about my life and told about my HIV.  It is just amazing how someone doesn't really have to think twice about telling someone about heart, cancer or diabetes, but if your HIV you can't talk about it without wondering if you will ever talk to that person again.  Such a terrible stigma with HIV.  Oh well.  Since I haven't seen him in 30 years I probably won't in another 30 years.  With that said, it would be nice to reconnect as friends again.  Just sad how you have to think twice about telling your HIV status.  Should be interesting when and if I get a reply.  I did hang with him and a few others for my four years in college and he was a good friend through those years.  Sad how life takes people in different directions.  Since I was pretending to be straight in college, when I left college I just dropped ties with anyone from that time.  Life was so different back then.  It has come a long way. 
Will most likely spend the night watching another movie and try to stay warm.


  1. Dave, it's a good thing that you told your friend AND that you did it so freely and didn't second guess it until after it was done. HIV stigma is still there; no doubt.. BUT, it is a lot less than it was a few years ago. Part of it is that those of us living with HIV have to get over our own HIV-phobia. It's hard---trust me, I know...

  2. Dave, i personal cut the ties with my University friends, yes, i was and still in closet but the hardest part sharing my HIV status. I have a very close friend, who is always inviting me to come and visit him in a foreign country and i never respond. i wish sometimes that he stops asking me to visit him. I guess i have developed a life of solitude since i' m still new to the HIV environment and i have not yet made friends from the HIV community.