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Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013 Monday Afternoon

Friday night when Tony got home he just wanted to relax from the day's events.  Having three of your cars side swiped can be tiring.  We spent the night watching TV from the DVR.  Went to sleep around 9:30 PM.

Saturday is snowed most of the day.  I shoveled a couple times during the day.  Got Tony to go to Walmart to do some shopping and buy more Insulin and syringes for Vito in the afternoon.  By the time we got out the door we were both mad at each other and that made the shopping experience a drag / bummer.  I was mad at Tony because he left with the plow to get gas at 11:30 AM and didn't come home for over an hour and a half, out plowing.  Once again he left his cell phone home so I could not find out where the heck he was.  Simply put, you tell me your going to get GAS I assume you are going three blocks down the street, get gas, and coming home.  Silly me thinking your going to go plow for close to two hours leaving me at home wondering where the hell you are.  Bought what we needed at Walmart which included a cake for Tony's mom for her party Sunday morning.  Came home and made a pizza for supper from Walmart.  Was actually really good.  Thin crust and very tasty.  Spent the night watching the movies The Way Way Back and Elysium.  Way Way Back was very good and could relate to the kid and how hard it is growing up.  The movie Elysium was horrible.  I can not believe Jody Foster did this movie and would expect better from her.  Hated her accent the most to be honest.  Went to bed around 10 PM exhausted from shoveling three times during the day.  Only got about 5 inches but it took all day to get it.

Sunday we were up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  We were out the door by 9:45 AM to go to the breakfast birthday party for Tony's mom.  She was surprised and it was a good time.  Amazing how screwed up some of Tony's family is and how I can't stand them.  His brother for one.  Of course when the bill came the sister in law picked up the bill and Tony put in a $20 for the tip.  I really didn't think it was necessary since there were 30 of us, we bought the $30 cake, and gave her $80 in a card.  I don't even give my parents this much.  Loser brother never pulled out the wallet and it was him and his daughter.  I hate people who take take take and never pay or give anything back.  When I mentioned the $25 gift exchange the loser brothers daughter said 'I don't like them because I always go home with a gift worse than the one I buy for someone'.  How Christmas of her.  This coming from someone who has never paid for any dinner or time together.  Went to Fleet Farm to return a dog sweater that didn't fit a dog, that we bought a couple weeks ago.  Of course I thought it worth returning a $14 anything.  Tony thought it a waste of time.  Came home and spent the rest of the day and night watching TV in the nice warm house.  It is so damn cold this December.  Watched the movie called I Do.  It was a gay themed movie and we both enjoyed it.  Went to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I was up by 5 AM with stomach cramps and on the toilet.  Must have been the grilled cheese and soup we had for supper.  Had a frustrating day.  Went to Walgreen's this morning to turn in and pick up Tony's prescription for pain pills.  Was told Walgreen's did not have them in stock and would not have them for weeks or a month.  WTF?  Walgreen's doesn't have Percocet and wont for weeks?  I was told to go to CVS.  WTF?  I don't have a CVS prescription account and neither does Tony.  When the manager told me it was because of Obama I looked at him and said 'Fuck you, it would be worse if the other guy won'.  He didn't like my comment but knew I was pissed.  Wanted to talk to me off to the side and I said I was leaving and thought Walgreen's was fucked up if it doesn't have simple pain pills and cant even tell a client when they will have them and make them go to a different pharmacy to get them.  Was told Walgreens in all of Milwaukee is out of Percocet.  WTF?  Ended up going home empty handed.  Called Tony and soon got him home so I could ride with him and pick it up at St Mary's pharmacy.  I knew where to park for free and run in and get the prescription at the hospital so I rode with him.  Heck a hospital pharmacy has to have them right?  Believe it or not, the hospital pharmacy only had 40 left in stock and that was half the prescription.  Wow.  So they told Tony to come back tomorrow.  They said they would have more tomorrow.  Have you ever heard of this crap.  A shortage of Percocet?  Spent the rest of the afternoon having a nice long talk on the phone with mom.  We understand each other and had a nice hour long talk.  She thinks maybe I should look into volunteering after the first of the year somewhere so I feel like I have a purpose.  I agree and am going to see what I can find.  I need something.  I just feel frustrated, overwhelmed, mean, angry, and not a nice person.  I have to find out why.  Might be because being a house husband is a very un satisfying experience lately.   Making a Hormel dinner and mac and cheese for supper with the salad.  Will most likely watch TV off the DVR tonight before we go to bed.
Still no email from my college buddy.  Will email him tonight and see if I hear from him.

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  1. Hope the rest of your week goes well. Volunteering is a great idea; sometimes we get wrapped up in all of our crap and getting out and helping others can really put things in perspective