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Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12, 2012 Thursday Dinner Time

Last night we drove to Franklin for Tony to appear in court for his ticket.  The ticket was dismissed but we still had to pay a $28 court fee.   Of course this fee would not have been if Tony had just sent in the information rather than waiting for court.  Went out for a nice steak dinner after.  Was good but not as good as the first time we ate at this restaurant.  Got home and spent the night watching TV, going to bed around 10 PM. 

This morning I was up at 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Did things around the house all morning as I went back in time, listening to Supertramp and Alan Parsons Project music.  Brings back my college days.  Took a nice two hour nap with the dogs.  Still not feeling 100% today, just tired and having stomach issues.  I think it is the heat making me feel like doing nothing.  I am getting so tired of this heat.  It is in the 80s again today in Milwaukee.  The air conditioning is on and the meter is spinning.  Got out monthly bill yesterday and it went up $90 from all the air conditioning the last month, being so hot.  Tonight we are going to Bastille Days here in Milwaukee.  It is a great festival downtown Milwaukee and runs through Sunday.  Hopefully a high school friend of mine is going to meet us at the house and go with us to the festival.  The two of us have been trying to get together for some time now and hope this works out.  Wish there was a pill or two I could take to wake my brain up since this cup of coffee is doing very little.  Tomorrow morning I have someone from the water company coming to the house to put in a new meter they can read from the street.  Hopefully the person will be on time, good looking would also be a plus.  The heat is returning here in Milwaukee and we are to go back into the 90s for the weekend.  YUCK!

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