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Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012 Monday Morning

Had an awesome weekend.  It is weekends like this why I love living in Milwaukee in the Summer.
Also made this old fart feel yound again.

Friday night the Artbar had a block party in front of the bar.  Always have fun at the bar since my partner for 5 1/2 years before Tony and his current partner own the bar.  Always get treated well and I enjoy telling people I had a past with the owner as much as he enjoys telling people I am the one who owns the house with the cars in the front yard, here on the Eastside.  Always friend we know at the bar.  So I always feel a little more important being at the bar.  The street was closed off and bands played all night.  There also was a 24 hour 5 mile bike marathon that went around the neighborhood and down our street, which started at 7 PM Friday night.  So around 6:30 PM we decided to ride our bikes around the neighborhood to see the bike check points, ending up at the Artbar.  Spent an hour enjoying the bands and it got a little cool in shorts and a cut off shirt.  Noticed this cute kid glancing at me, but just smiled and watched the band.  Since it got chilly we rode our bikes home, stopping at two of the bike check off points, checking out the bikers, and then biked home and changed into long pants and shirts.  I looked good and felt good.  It was about 70 degrees with a nice breeze, and over 700 bikers going around the neighborhood on the marathon.  The Eastside was just buzzing with activity with the bike marathon and block parties.  Rode back to the block party and had a couple more drinks.  As we watched the bands I noticed the scruffy looking hot kid looking at me again.   Our eyes met every once in a while and I remembered well 'the dance' from when I was single and on the prowl.  It was nice to hear my ex partner tell me 'hey, that hot kid over there is checking you out'.  I just smiled and said I noticed him also.  Tony soon caught on to this and made a comment also.  Tony is not the jealous type in an way so he went along with all the fun.  We walked around and every time I would look, this hot guy was looking at me.  The cherry on the Sunday so to speak was when the kid and his friends went to walk away, we watched them.  As they walked away the hot kid twice turned my way to check me out a couple last times.  Tony looked at me and said 'wow, he checked you out twice'.   It made my night and I felt good.  The bands ended at 11 PM and we were feeling good.  We decided to bike down to the bike check point on the way home and watch all the people camping out for the night and partying.  As we were standing with our bikes at the check point watching the people a young good looking kid comes up to us and starts a conversation with me, introducing himself as Kyle.  Tony just laughed, guess it was my night.    I flirted for a while and then introduced my husband of 23 years, Tony, to him.   That kinda ended the conversation and we said 'nice to meet you, and good luck in the marathon'.   There are check points where you can earn points by doing funny things like getting your hair cut or getting a picture in costume, things like that.  This bike marathon is a yearly thing in Riverwest and believe it or not, it is just for fun, no prizes.  Yet over 700 are in it in teams, most in costumes and decorated bikes, for 24 hours straight.   We left the check point around 11:30 PM and biked home along Humboldt Blvd.  As we biked home the streets were filled with people cheering the bikers.  We pretended we were one of them and pumped our fists in the air as we drove by the cheers.  It was so funny.  Got home and after watching a little TV and a quick shower, we went to bed.  Of course I was pretty horny from the nights events and we did the lovin thing.

Saturday morning we slept in until 8 AM.  Did the lovin thing again before we even got up to feed the dogs.  Guess we should go out and have someone try to hit on us more often.  LOL.   Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Spent the morning watching TV and doing things around the house, and watching the bike riders bike past the house.  Around 12:30 PM we decided to drive the 10 blocks to the Brady street festival.   A day long festival on about 12 blocks, hippies and fun open minded people.  These are the real Eastside of Milwaukee people.   Walked around the block party for about an hour and a half before it got so damn hot in the sun we decided to come home for a while and go back up to the festival after feeding the dogs and it gets a little cooler outside.  Actually was able to talk Tony into riding our bikes back to the festival and chaining them, which is what we did around 6:30 PM.  The ride there was not so bad, Tony complained the entire way.  LOL.  Walked around the festival and people watched.  The festival was packed, but not uncomfortable.  The weather was perfect, in the 70s again.  I was in a great mood still riding high from the night prior.  We had a few drinks and watched the 9 PM drag show.   Honestly the drag show is the main attraction of the festival.  How many 'straight' festivals do you know has a drag show?   We had such a good time.  Around 11:30 PM we got back on our bikes and biked home the mile or so.  Mind you this is two nights in a row way past our bed time.  Got home and after a quick shower we went to bed, doing the loving thing .....  again. 

Sunday morning we slept in until 8 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. After reading the newspaper and showering we decided to go to breakfast at the Hubbard Park Lodge in Shorewood.  It is the little restaurant we found on our bike ride a few weeks ago and we went for a great fish fry a couple Friday's ago.  Mind you, I did not have pure thoughts about going to this restaurant.  If you remember when we biked past the place a few weeks ago there was this hot guy who works there sitting outside and I struke up a conversation with him.  I did hope we would see him again.  We went to the Hubbard Park Lodge and it was one of the best all you can eat family style breakfasts I ever had.  Of course it did help that the hot guy I hoped to see walked through the restaurant three times, on the third time stopping at our table to introduce himself and talk with us.  Honestly, can this all be happening on the same weekend.  He said his name is Noah and he said he was the managing cook at the restaurant.  He said he remember me from a few weeks ago when I talked with him out back by the bike trail.  He bought us a Mimosa and I was on cloud nine.   Tony just grinning.  I soon did the right thing and introduced him to Tony.  Damn why do I do that.  LOL.  We finished our drink on the outside patio watching the river flow and birds on the rocks.  It really was wonderful and I had a smile from ear to ear.  Drove home and spent the day indoors since it got a bit hot outside and Tony was complaining that 'everything hurt' from riding bikes all weekend.  I think he also had maybe had enough of guys trying to get to know me or notice me,  LOL.  Took a nap and later made steaks on the grill with a salad.  Spent the night watching TV before going to bed around 9 PM.  Of course after a weekend like this, we did the loving thing again.  I feel like a 20 year old guy.  LOL.

This morning I was up at 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Tony left for work around 7:30 PM with pain pills and cold pills in hand, saying he 'felt like shit'.   Guess I tired out the 'old man' this weekend.  Spent the morning doing things around the house.  Even did a little straightening up of the basement.  It is getting hot outside and the air conditioner is back on as of yesterday.  Will most likely take a shower after this post and then go to the grocery store to buy a little fruit.  We are completely out of any fruit in the house and I do like a couple during the day.   I might take a nice nap this afternoon if I don't go for a walk along the river.   Maybe go to a car show tonight depending on the weather and how Tony feels after working all day and starting the day not feeling well.

Have to say, it sure felt good to have a couple guys take notice of me over the weekend.  There comes a time, like now in my life, where you walk into a room and usually no one even notices you.  It felt good to know I 'still have it'.   I still have a big smilin grin on my face a day later.  If I was single I'd be back at the restaurant asking if the managing cook was on the menu.

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