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Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13, 2012 Friday Afternoon

Last night we did indeed go to Bastille Days here in downtown Milwaukee.  My high school friend did not come because of a family emergency.  Tony and I had a good time and ran into a lot of friends at the festival.  By 10 PM it was still so hot and we decided to call it a night.  Got home and went to bed after a quick shower. 

This morning I was up at 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  The water company person showed up around 8:45 AM to put a new meter on the water coming into the house.  Of course since the house is so old she did not want to mess with it because she was afraid the pipe might break if she shut the water off and turned it back on.  Guess we will need to call a plumber to put a new valve on the before the new meter since the valve is so old and rusted.  In fact she said we should take care of this fast or we could have a broken main water pipe in the basement and a flooded basement.  It is also dripping slowly so I will have to break down and hire a plumber.  Have to wait though, I was told, until sometime in a week when the water company comes out and uncovers the main turn key under the ground, that she says is buried.  Was told it will cost around $500 for a plumber and the new valve, great.   After she left I drove to the grocery store and bought some hamburgers for tomorrows pool party and some flowers for the host.  Went and had lunch with the guys which is always fun.  Came home and watched my tenant and his girl friend climb the back tree.  My tenant cuts trees for a living and was teaching his girl friend how to climb.  It was fun to watch until the rain came.  Yes, rain, it rained for about a half hour.  We were lucky, most around Wisconsin got no rain and the little we got will do very little to help the severe drought.  Guess we were categorized as severe drought yesterday here in Wisconsin it is so bad.  Some of the lake have actually dried up and there are grass fires every where daily on the news.  Tonight we are going out for a fish fry.  It is a Wisconsin thing to go have a Friday fish fry.  Deep fried cod and potato pancakes.  We are going to the little restaurant we found when we took the bike ride last Sunday.  Tomorrow is Tony's family pool party.  It is suppose to be close to 90 so it will not be fun.  Was told the pool is close to that temperature it has been so hot.  After the party we get Tony's nephew for a couple days.  So if you don't hear from me I am busy keeping an 8 year old busy.  I think we might have him until Wednesday.  I will be exhausted each day not being able to take a nap with the kid here and all.  Plus it is going to be so hot, going outside to do anything will not be an option.  Guess we will be going to the museum or something Monday or Tuesday.  That's about it,  have a great weekend everyone.

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