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Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012 Monday Afternoon

Didn't slow down much over the weekend, working and playing hard all weekend, add that to last weeks construction of the Car Port, and my body is tired and aches.  Here how the weekend unfolded.

Friday night we spent the night watching the two part movie Coma.  I must admit I liked the original much better.  Went to bed around 10:30 PM after a little lovin.

Saturday morning we were up at 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  The day was reserved for the big annual Center Street Festival.  Tony donated to the car show and when I asked him if he was putting the monster car in the show he said 'no'.  I reminded him that he is a sponsor and it would be great advertising to have a car or two in the show.  I got in the shower and in no time at all Tony was telling me he was going to the shop to wash and put 3 cars in the show.  What?  From none to three and the event starts in an hour?  He went to the shop and called me a little before the push cart race (which is the best part of the festival) and asked if I could pick him up where he dropped off a car and drive him back to the shop for another car.  I did just that, but was not happy due to the Push Cart race about to start.  Tony found a way to get the other two cars over to the show and soon joined me at the Push Cart race.  It is so funny.  Hardly any rules and anyone can enter.  Here are some of the the better pictures from the race.

Here is a picture of the cars Tony entered in the car show.  More arrived after I took the picture of his three cars.
Had a great time at the festival, going up to it, eating, having fun, coming home to be with the dogs, going back to the festival, and on an on all day.  The festival ended at 7 PM.  We were tired and brought some food home from the festival and called it a day around 5:30 PM.  Spent the rest of the night watching the movies High School and 1313: Night Of The Widow.  High School was the better of the two. 1313 was the boys in briefs series and just pretty bad to be honest.  Went to bed around 10:30 PM after a little lovin.

Sunday morning we were up at 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Since we played all day on Saturday today was back to the Car Port and finishing off the trim, rain gutters, and shingles.  Stopped off at McDonald's for a Big Breakfast and then to Home Depot.  I had the gutters, just needed the clips and trim and shingles.  Well, that came to close to $200, so we are now up to about $550 on this car port.  I put up the trim and rain gutters, painted and water proofed some trim boards, while Tony nailed down the shingles after putting on the tar paper.  Funny story, the first row of tar paper he put down was all set and a big gust of wind came and blew it off including the roll of tar paper.  I had to stop and help at that point.  Tony spent all afternoon until about 4 PM nailing shingles, until he ran out of shingles.  We will need two more bundles at least to finish the roof.  Here is a picture of Tony working on the Car Port roof shingles.
By the time we finished working on the Car Port we both were exhausted and every bone in our bodies hurt.  Made some steaks on the grill with a salad for supper.  Spent the night watching the movies Safe and Safe House.  Half way through Safe House we got bored and tired and went to bed, exhausted and in pain.  Went to bed around 9:30 PM after a little loving, again.

This morning I was up at 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Spent an hour destroying the couch in the bedroom.  It was too big and we had such a hard time getting it into the room the only way it was coming out was in pieces, which it did.  Had fun destroying it.  My plan was for Tony to come home from work around 10 AM, which he did, so we could go look and most likely buy a small Love Seat I saw on Craigslist for Stella.  Yes, you read that right.  We have, or should say at this point had, a big red couch in the bedroom that had arm rests about a foot long on both sides, taking up way to much room in the bedroom, for Stella.  Since the couch is for Stella so we can have room on the bed at times, we didn't need such a big couch and I had been looking for just the right small Love Seat.  Found one and we went and got it.  Came with a matching chair which is now in my living room for the time being.  Not sure if I am keeping or have a use for the chair.  The Love Seat works and looks great in the bedroom and hopefully Stella will like it enough to sleep on it rather than the bed, sideways, like she does.  Here is a picture of the Love Seat we bought on Craigslist today.  I would not have picked the colors, but since I planed on covering it anyway it is fine.  Here is a picture of it.
Small, but functional for Stella to sleep on. 
Spent the afternoon cleaning around the house and making room and the new furniture.  Making spaghetti tonight for supper to reward Tony for all his hard work and jumping to do things when I ask.  Spaghetti is his favorite food and he could eat it 7 days a week.  Will most likely spend the night watching TV.  Tony told me already several times how much pain his body is in so I am sure he will be sleeping on the couch by 8 PM.   It is in the low 70s today and sunny.  Woke up in the 50s but it warmed up fast with the sun.  I love this weather.  Spring and Fall are my favorite Seasons.
I can honestly tell I pushed myself way to much this past week, I feel it in my body, and it is not a good feeling.  Have a feeling I will need a few days of rest.

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