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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012 Tuesday Afternoon

Tony was home from work by 4:30 PM, exhausted and in pain.  Gave him a pain pill and told him to relax while I finish supper.  Ate and spent the early evening watching the movie Just Go With It.  It was a good enough movie downloaded, but would have been a little disappointed paying full price at the theater.  Dragged Tony to bed around 9 PM and he fell asleep immediately.  I was up watching TV for another hour before it was lights out and sleep time.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Left the house around 8:30 AM for McDonald's breakfast and then Home Depot to return a couple items and buy the two bundles of shingles we need to finish the Car Port.  Had someone help me put them on the cart and rolled them into the truck when I got to the car.  They are very heavy.  Went to Walgreen's on my way home to pick up a prescription for Tony and some tea he likes that is on sale.  Came home and rolled the shingles out of the trunk and started finishing the shingling.  Got it done in about an hour.  Funny how long it took Tony to shingle.  I do appreciate his hard work but I do things so much faster without resting or breaking every few minutes.  My motto is 'get it done'.  Happy with the way it all turned out and just had to put another coat of water proof on some boards, which I did.  Ate the extra burrito I bought at McDonald's for lunch and then laid down for an hour listening to music.  When I got up I figured I still had the grass to cut and did that quickly, dragging the lawn mower around the block to get to the front grass.  Saw another rat today.  Yes, I said rat.  Been seeing them and did kill three a few weeks ago.  Guess there is one left and I saw it go behind the pond bricks.  Figure he is living under the pond so I put some rat poison in the hole he went in.  I will get this little rat if it is the last thing I do.  If I don't he might eat into the pond liner and I will wake up to an empty pond one day.  Lets not even think of the fact that babies will lead to more rats.  So I have to kill them.  Gave Kali a bath while I showered.  I am now dressed and just will relax the rest of the day waiting for Tony to get home.  My body aches from the work I have been doing lately.  I think we will walk up the block for $1 tacos since I don't feel like cooking supper today.  It is in the 80s today in Milwaukee.  Thankfully there is a nice breeze and not humid.  Here is a picture of the finished Car Port.
I think it turned out great.  Only took me less than a week and a total cost of about $600.
All day today the noise has scared Vito to death.  The construction across the street is at the point where they are bring huge dump trucks of dirt.  Every time they empty them the back door gate slams and the noise scared the hell out of Vito.  That and the water company digging up the street again in front of the construction.   Here is what it looks like now, the Day Care is gone and the land is being leveled for the next step.

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