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Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 29, 2012 Saturday Morning

I usually don't post on the weekends, but since Tony went to work for an hour or so and something really strange weird happened last night, I thought I would post about it.  I am not very religious and have my doubts about God, but I do watch all the medium shows that talk to the dead and stuff so I guess I believe in something.  I believe more in a 'spirit guide' than anything else.  Well, with that said, last night after I posted about seeing the raccoon I sat back and started thinking what made me look in the back yard when I did.  See, I had given up hope of seeing the raccoon and pretty much stopped looking for it.  When it comes to eat it is here and gone in no time at all.  Much less it usually shows up closer to 10 PM.  Around 7:30 PM last night I stood on the side deck and was talking out loud to the sky.  I have an accent light in my side yard that has not worked for a long time and no matter how I try to fix it, I have no luck.  As I was talking to the sky, and then looked down at the accent light, the accent light went on.  I honest to God then looked up into the sky and said 'is someone sending me a signal?  Should I look in the back yard?'    I then went into the house and looked into the back yard and saw the raccoon.  Now I even the night before sat and looked for him from 8:30 on so never would I think it would be in the yard this early.  But like I said, this accent light going on right in front of my eyes, honestly, I was looking right at it when it went on for no reason.  After I posted last night and talked to my mom I looked outside again in the side yard and the accent light was off again.  It stayed off all night.  Could this really have been a signal from someone or something beyond?  The mediums say 'they' send signals but we don't usually pick up on them.  Did I pick up on a signal from my spirit guide or an angel, possibly God?  I know this all sounds crazy to most, but it really did happen just as I wrote.  I would not have looked in the back yard at that time if it were not for that message (the light going on and me asking if it was a signal) and would have spent the rest of the night still feeling like crap because I poisoned a raccoon.  Any thoughts on this? 


  1. i too laid out a few baga of poison like i do a few times every year cause ever so often i fid dead mice layin around. i purposely put 2 bags under my over hang in the side yard amongst the tall hostas and in a few days something had pulled the bags out of the hostas and next to my deck and the bags were empty. but i never saw anything dead.last winter a huge racoon was on my deck eating bird seed.e was huge. when he saw mr looking at him he boogied and i never saw him again. so who knows what kind of critters come out at night? guess we dont know until we see them.

  2. The raccoon could be a power animal for you. Look up what it represents & see if it resonates with you.