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Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14, 2012 Friday Afternoon

Spent last night watching some shows on the Internet and on the DVR before watching the America's Got Talent Final.  Was glad to see Olate Dogs win the million dollars.  Before we watched AGT we watched a web series I found on the web called Husbands.  You can google it and watch the first season as well as the first three shows from season 2.  It is funny and very gay oriented.   About a famous gay baseball player that get married to his boyfriend in Vegas on a drunk weekend.  Reminded me of the Hangover in a way.  We also watched the first two episodes of The New Normal.  Now I was not thinking I was going to like this show.  I LOVE THIS SHOW!   If you haven't seen or watched it try to find the first two episodes and then watch it on Tuesday nights on NBC.  The grandma of the lady having the baby is so funny.  She reminds me of Archie Bunker from All In The Family.   Such a bigot and so politically incorrect.  It is now on my DVR to tape the series each week.  Ended up going to bed around 10 PM after watching Texas Car Wars.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM with the runs.  Not sure why, must have caught a bug.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot, and got through the morning.  Met Tony to have lunch with the guys.  Had a great lunch as always.   Came home and rode my bike up to the new bike store on Center Street.  I bought a new seat for my bike last Saturday for a dollar at the shop during the street festival and used that as an excuse to go up there and see the hot guy that runs the shop.  He was very nice and put the seat on my bike and talked for a while.  He is half my age but so handsome.  Rode home on the new bike seat which I like because it is bigger and fits my fat ass much better.  LOL.  Took a nice long walk along the river since I have not for a long time.  Stopped a couple times to just sit and watch the river flow.  Tried to catch a cat I saw but it wanted nothing to do with me.  Poor thing, won't survive long in the woods down by the river.  Pet owners can be so irresponsible.  Speaking of irresponsible, did any one else see the 40 pound over weight dog on Live With Kelly and Michael?   Poor thing.  It didn't get that fat for any other reason than a bad parent.   It could not even walk across the stage.  Thankfully it's new owner has it on a diet and plans to have it loose the weight slowly.  Will end up just making some salads for supper tonight and a side to go with it for Tony.  Will spend the night watching a movie or last night's Big Brother, Glee or X Factor that is on the DVR.    There is a dog walk at a festival tomorrow we will most likely go to to get out of the house.  Should be a nice weekend.  Today started in the 50s and warmed to the 70s by this afternoon.  Should be the same or a bit warmer all weekend according to the forecast.

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