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Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013 Monday Afternoon

Spent Friday night watching TV from the DVR.  Tony came home with shoulder pain and informed me just how much pain he was in.  When I noticed how many pain pills he had been taking, we had a little talk.  Told him if he is in such pain and has to take so many pills he should not be working 12 hour days.  Went to bed around 10 PM for a little lovin and then sleep.

Saturday morning we were up by 7 AM.  Tony told me he had to go to the shop between 11 AM and noon to have a car towed to his shop.  A friend of ours had a roll over accident and Tony is fixing his car.  Of course, once again, I spent that time and the early afternoon waiting for him to come home.  I do realize he can't make a car get there faster, but having a better idea of when the car will arrive would be nice.  Tony did not come home until a little before 3 PM in the afternoon.  I did go to Pick N Save while he was gone to buy some sale items, but spent the day just watching TV waiting for him to come home.  After he got home we took a short nap.  Made hamburgers for supper with a salad.  Spent Saturday night watching the movie The Snowtown Murders.  Weird movie, was hard to follow, but very good.  About a serial killing family and friends in Australia.  Hard to understand what the people in the movie are saying at times with their strong Australian accents.  Went to bed around 10:30 PM.

Sunday we were up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Looked out the window to see my two Mourning Doves sitting on the deck rails.  Hopefully they will nest again this year in the side yard under the Batmobile with the camera, so I can watch it all.  This will be the third year these or the kids have returned to this nest.  I think they are watching the nest area to see if it is once again safe this year for them.  It rained all day Sunday here in Milwaukee.  We spent the morning watching Most Shocking Videos on Tru TV, then watch Mama Mia for the unteenth time before going to the bed and taking a nice two hour nap with Tony and the dogs.  Spent Sunday night watching Amazing Race, Good Wife and Mentalist before doing the lovin thing and going to sleep.

This morning I was up at 7 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  It rained again all day so I spent the day cleaning, dusting, and napping.  I did also clean the back hallway.  Was told the other day our upstairs tenants will be moving out soon.  He said he will give 30 days notice.  So in the next couple months I will have to get the apartment ready to rent, once they leave, loose a months rent fixing the place, and then looking for a new tenant for the apartment.  I do like our current tenants but am looking forward to someone new who can hopefully take care of our dogs so we can get out of town for a vacation.  We have not left the house for a vacation in eight years because of Stella and the sick dogs we have.  Making pork ribs, potatoes and salad for supper tonight.  Tony will come home tired and in pain.   I saw him grab his bottle of pain pills when he walked out the door this morning.  Will have to count them, he eats them like candy.  They are not candy and if he uses all his up, he will then want to use mine.  I am very protective of my pain pills because I need them.  Will most likely spend the night watching The Following and Deception before going to bed.  I did make an appointment at the foot doctor today.  My regular doctor called last Friday and recommended this doctor.  I have something in the ball of my left foot that should not be there when I walk.  I was not happy to hear the soonest he can see me is May 7th.  That is two months away.  Took the appointment but left a message with the supervisor saying this was unacceptable since we are the USA and not a third world country.  Not sure I can wait two months to find out what is in my ball of my foot making stepping on it uncomfortable.  I was then told to call my insurance company and see what they say or who they recommend.  What?   Not happy about this.  Called the vet today to get Kali another round of antibiotics since her under arms are leaking something horrible.  She has a bad skin condition and no matter how much I bath her I am still putting baby powder on her several times a day.  Tomorrow we take Stella and Bo to the vet at 11 AM to get their nails cut.  Figured it best to just take them in together since they cry when they are apart.  Plus I hate taking the dogs for nail trims since then I am the 'bad daddy' giving them pain from the nail cutting.  Stella has big thick nails.  I can not cut them and can't even watch when they do cut them.  Will pick up Kali's antibiotic when we are there.

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