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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 6, 2013 Wednesday Afternoon

After supper, and after Tony took his shower, I went outside to shovel the snow that fell all afternoon.  Took me almost an hour to do the side, front and back alley area.  Tony stayed in the house with Kali.  Went to the bed around 9 PM to watch the last hour of TV in bed.  Got an idea to keep a light on in the bedroom all night so Kali wouldn't be so dizzy and hopefully not throw up like last night.  Figured the throwing up started after I turned the lights off and she then had nothing to focus on in the dark.  Seemed to work great and we slept all night, with a light on.

This morning I got up at 6 AM with Tony since Kali was ready to go outside and needed to be carried outside.  Had to carry Vito and Kali off the bed and then get them outside.  Kali seemed a little better than the day prior.  She could at least stand on her own to pee and poop without falling or me needing to hold her.  Still too unstable to go up stairs or ramps, or be jumping up on the couch.  Spent the morning trading between being with the dogs and going outside for a while and chipping away at the snow and ice.  Since it is 33 degrees today I figured the more I get off the ground the better for melting.  Tried to take a nap with the dogs but between the phone calls I just gave up and got up.  Kali's vet called to say her blood tests came back good and doctor wanted to know how she was doing.  Told her she is getting better with each day and hopefully tomorrow she will be almost back to normal.  Actually today is the hardest of all the days since the past two days she has not wanted to walk around much due to her being so unstable and dizzy.  Today she thinks she is doing better but still falls into walls and not walking straight, like a drunk person.  So it is even harder today to try to keep her calm and quiet.  Every time I walk into the other room she wants to follow me.  One of the other phone calls was Tony saying he is going to urgent care for his shoulder pain.  He slipped and fell into a car fender last week and thinks he bruised or cracked a rip.  So he is probably there now getting an xray and a doctor visit.  His pain has been getting worse rather than better with each day and being an open heart patient it is best to make sure he didn't damage some wiring or ribs that might go into the wiring of his chest.  Yah, after they crack your chest open they wire you shut.  I can feel the wires on his chest in places.  Earlier in the week I called my HIV doctor and asked if we could include a Testosterone blood exam with my next blood panel in June.  Got the new paperwork for the blood tests in the mail today for the June exam, including the Testosterone test.  I have been so tired and moody lately and thought since I have never gotten this test before done, and I have all the blood drawn anyway, get it tested.  My shoulder and arm pain is about the same.  Not going to get better with all this heavy snow shoveling I have been doing.   Pain pills are helping.  Just making left over spaghetti for supper tonight with a salad.  Will most likely spend the night watching TV with the dogs.  I am hoping Tony's doctor tells him to take some time off work.  He never does, and needs it.  Tomorrow is Tony's 52nd Birthday.  Got him a card, will go buy a cake at the grocery store if Kali lets me leave the house tomorrow.  We had talked about going out for supper at a nice steak restaurant tomorrow night for his Birthday.  Guess the health of us and the dogs will be the key factor if we indeed do go out.   I can't believe I am with a 52 year old man.  Or that I will be 52 in April.  When did we get so old and where did the years go?   It is nice to know I am still very attracted to my 52 year old man.  I still think he is handsome and would go after him today if we were both single.

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  1. dont you think cause she's so dizzy she's probobly nauseous as well? maybe thats why she keeps throwing up. when you"re so dizzy you feel like you have to throw up. anyway with my bad headaches thats the way i feel.maybe the vet will give you something for that. dont let her suffer too long tho. how old is she?