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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013 Tuesday Afternoon

Spent last night close to Kali on the couch.  As long as she could sit next to me and see me she was fine.  Tony got home a little after 6 PM and I started supper then, while Tony watched Kali.   Made some salads and a frozen pizza.  Spent the night watching The Following and then went to bed to watch Deception.  Right as the TV show ended at 10 PM Kali was panting and shaking.  Knew something was wrong.  Heard her stomach gurgling and got her off the bed just in time for her to throw up on the wood floor rather than the bed or carpet.  Tony jumped out of bed to grab paper towel and clean it up.  Got her back to bed and a half hour later, same thing.  About a half hour later, a little after 11 PM she was shaking and wanted to get off the bed.  With this Old Dog Vestibular disease she has no balance and just falls over when she tries to walk.  Carried her outside and she pooped all over the yard, falling, me holding her, pooping more, and so on.  Obviously all the poop she didn't get out all day.  Got her back to bed and as the night went on we were up at 1:30 AM and 2:30 AM when I heard her gagging and got her off the bed to throw up again.  Must be a wild ride she is on that she is so dizzy from this.  Finally got to sleep a little after 3 AM.

At 7 AM I heard Kali stirring, she had some how gotten off the bed and was throwing up bile in the corner of the bedroom.  Jumped out of bed and at the same time Tony looked at the clock and jumped out of bed also.  He usually leaves for work around this time.  Cleaned up the mess again, another roll of paper towels.  Tony quickly got ready for work while I did the morning routine of feeding them and giving Vito his shot, all while holding Kali with one hand to hold her and stand.  Gave Kali about half I usually do and a pill to help with her upset stomach.  Tony left for work by 7:30 AM.  Spent the morning watching the snow fall and keeping Kali close.  Not much I can do since she is scared to death wondering why she feels so dizzy, but be near her and sit next to her.  Made it through the morning without her throwing up.  Took the dogs to bed for a couple hours this afternoon.   Of course this now mean grabbing the blind dog and getting him on the bed, and then grabbing Kali and putting her in a safe spot on the bed, and then getting the other two dogs settled.   Around 2:30 PM I snuck out of bed and went out front and shoveled the four plus inches of snow that has fallen during today.  By the time I got in the house Kali was at the edge of the bed wanting to get off.  Came in just in time.  Got her off the bed, and Vito off the bed, and took them all outside to pee.  Kali is getting a little bit better on her feet.  Although when she tried to go up the ramp, I caught her as she fell to her side.  She is not able just yet to walk on her own and I don't want my almost 14 year old dog getting hurt falling.  Got Vito and Kali situated on the couch and ran out back to do a little shoveling behind the garage.  'Stay' being the key word as I do anything.  By the time I came in she was looking for me again.  Will have to wait until Tony gets home to do a good shoveling while he sits next to her.  Making spaghetti and salads for supper tonight.  Will obviously just be spending the night trying to get Kali through another day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better and the next a bit better, each day gaining her balance.   Good thing I have been through this before or I would be in a panic.  Not fun to watch your little baby acting like a drunk sailor.  Glad the computer is here in the living room, Kali is on the couch, 10 feet away watching me, wondering when I am coming back to hold her.  OK, back to Kali's side.

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