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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 12, 2013 Tuesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching The Impossible and Deception before trying to sleep.  Could not sleep.  Around 11 PM I finally got up and got my IPod and spent and hour or more listening to Bruno Mars in bed.   Think I finally fell asleep a little before 3 AM.

This morning I was up at 7 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot, and got Tony off to work.  Read a little of the newspaper and then took a shower since I knew we had an 11 AM vet appointment to take Bo and Stella to get their nails cut and pick up Kali's antibiotic.   Got out of the shower and as I was putting on my last sock, the phone rang.  It was the foot doctor I tried to get an appointment with yesterday and was told I could not see him until May 7th.  Also the same doctor I left a message on his supervisors phone yesterday asking why I have to wait two months to see a doctor in the USA.  My grandma always told me 'the squeaky wheel gets the grease'.  So I guess it was good I spoke up and wondered why a person would have to wait two months and them not hiring more foot doctors at the medical clinic here at St Mary's Hospital.  The doctor asked me what was wrong and then asked if I could be there in a half hour.  I quickly thought '9:45 AM at the doctor, how will I get the dogs to the vet by 11 AM, but I can't miss this opportunity for this appointment'.   I must have been thinking out loud because the doctor then told me he would have me in and out and I should be able to still have the dogs to their vet by 11 AM.  So I quickly let the dogs all out to pee and back in, and left to go to see the foot doctor.  Only had to wait about 10 minutes in the waiting room and then saw the doctor shortly after being taken to the room.  Handsome young guy, always makes for a much more pleasant doctor appointment.  Thankfully I was showered.  LOL.  The doctor felt my foot up and down and did some pushing and pulling.  He then showed me how my second toe is dislocated and not connected well and I have damaged the bone behind the toe, maybe even a break.  Told me to get an Xray and gave me some anti inflammatory meds I have to pick up tomorrow.  He taped up my toe and put a pad under the front of my foot to take the weight off.  Told me to stay off my feet for the next month as much as possible and showed me some foot exercised to do.  Also to see him in a month.  He then told me I could buy these foot inserts at the local shoe store or wear a medical cast boot.  I opted for the insert rather than a cast boot.  Left the doctor and got home just in time for Tony to come home and we then took the two dogs to the vet.  Got their nails all cut nice and Kali's antibiotic.  Came home with the dogs after stopping at McDonald's for some dollar hamburgers and french fries.  After Tony went back to work I went back to the medical clinic to get my foot xray.    Went pretty smooth and will find out the results when the doctor calls me.  Came home and after a little while I figured since it was a little after 1 PM I could either go to the store and buy the shoe inserts or take a nap.  Drove to the shoe store and bought the inserts called Superfeet Green for a high arch and wide foot.  The clerk was very nice and put the inserts in my shoes and got them all fit right.  Paid the $41 for the inserts.  Would not have ever paid this much for shoe inserts, but hell, I have a broken toe.  Drove home and after I was home for a while I took an hour nap with the dogs on the bed.  Funny how some days when you wake up with 'the plan' of the day in your head, it goes a totally different way.  I guess this turned out good because the doctor told me if I had not seen him and done anything about my foot it would not have healed properly and I would have bigger problems going forward.  Taping up my toe ever day for the next month isn't going to be fun.  Making some chicken corden blue, noodles, beans and salad for supper tonight.  Tony will come home in pain, he goes back to his doctor tomorrow for his pain from his ice fall.  As you get older, falls on the ice take a bigger toll on your body.  Will just spend the night watching TV, most likely a little lovin before we go to bed.  Got to 32 degrees today but was cloudy.  Ice everywhere from the light snow and rain we got over night.  Noticed for a second the Mourning Dove in the next this morning.   Watched it on the camera sitting on the nest.  So I guess come Sping I will have Mourning Doves to watch in their nest.   This will be the third year they returned.

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