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Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013 Monday Afternoon

Had one of the worst weekends of my life last weekend and it just continues.

Went to my 4 PM foot therapy appointment on Friday only to get there with my head pounding.  Looked at the therapist and told him I simply can not do the therapy and I am going home.  Got home and soon got a phone call from my HIV doctor about my Neuropathy and he said he will take me off Truvada and put me on Epzicom with my next refills.  Great, another round of new side effects to have to deal with.  I did look it up on the Internet and Truvada does cause Neuropathy in some people.  Not many though.  Oh well, was in too much pain to ask much more.  Tony got home from work and I put in a TV dinner for him for supper.  We spent the night watching the movie A Good Day To Die Hard, with ice packs on my forehead.  Went to the bed around 9 PM and started taking pills, any pills, sinus pills, pain pills, anything that might stop this sinus pain.  I was up all night.  Didn't sleep even an hour from all the pain.

Got up Saturday morning and after I fed the dogs I went back to bed.  Got up to throw up and then the fun began.  Spent all day Saturday going from the bed to the sink to throw up.  Couldn't even keep down water or crackers.  Of course Saturday was Pridefest here in Milwaukee and I was so mad.  Never in all my years have I missed Pridefest here in Milwaukee.  I kept on apologizing to Tony and told him if he wanted to go he could.  Of course he did not and would would not have either if the tables were turned.  Never ate more than 3 crackers all day Saturday and spent the entire day in bed.

Sunday I was up holding my head in the living room when Tony got up with the dogs.  Fed the dogs and went back to bed for a while.  Not only is this Pridefest, but today is the big Locust Street block party.  Two blocks away and best block party of Milwaukee.  I took a shower around 10:30 AM and loaded up with pills, meds, anything.  I simply could not ruin any more of Tony's weekend so I got the strength to go up to Locust Street, me in my scooter, and watch the beginning beer run around the neighborhood.  I still have not had a thing to eat since Friday lunch and my head still shooting pain.  Stayed for an hour and headed home.  Loaded up on my pills and went to the Pridefest parade on 2nd Street in the Third Ward.  Half way through the parade my feet hurt so bad I was shifting from foot to foot and my head was pounding.  I finally just sat down off to the side not caring about the parade.  We left before it ended I simply could not take the pain in my feet and head.  The pain in my head is like your worst hang over ever.  When you just hold your head and rub the temples hoping for any relief.   I did start an antibiotic on Friday but threw it up on Saturday morning.  I also have not had a cigarette in almost a week now and I am coughing which then feels like my head is going to explode.  Went to the bedroom around 7 PM and just watching TV with an ice pack on my temples.  Was up all night in pain and got less than a couple hours of sleep.

Got up today to feed the dogs and have spent all day in bed.  Head feeling like it is going to split open.  I did get some chicken noodle soup to stay down this afternoon, but it did not help the head pain.  Going back to the couch.  This sinus thing better break soon or I am getting he gun. Will call Tony and tell him to just pick himself something up on the way home for supper.  Not cooking a thing and going back to bed after I spell check and post.  I honestly have taken enough pills to kill a small dog, done nothing for me though.  Forgot to even mention the sweating and having to change the sheets and pillow cases every day since Friday.  I have had this before.  It is an alergy sinus infection and it simply has to run it's course, making life horrible.  I honestly have never had it last this long or be this painful in the past.  I keep thinking every time I wake up dripping wet I might have broke the damn infection.  It better happen soon.


  1. Sorry about your weekend. The question is--WHY HAVENT YOU GONE TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM? There is a problem with self diagnosis. What if it were a stroke waiting to happen that is mimicking a sinus infection??

    Get to the doctor...

  2. Please do go to the doctor; that is too long to be so miserable with a headache. I'm sorry your weekend was ruined. Hope you feel better.