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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18, 2013 Tuesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching the movie The Pact.  It was a thriller movie and dragged for over and hour and a half.  Would have been mad if I had spent movie theater prices to see the movie.  Was entertaining enough as a free download.   Turned off the TV and took the dogs and Tony to bed around 9 PM.  Watched an hour of TV in bed and went to sleep around 10 PM.   Not easy to sleep when you head hurts to the touch on your left side and top of the head.  Have to sleep on my right side of my face on the pillow.  Of course we all know you can only sleep that way for so long and then you roll over, and the pain wakes you up.  Got up as usual at 3 AM for another pain pill.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Took the first round of Shingles pills and pain pills right away.  Almost threw them up but was able to keep them down.  Spent the morning doing things around the house or just laying on the couch holding my head in pain.  It feels like my brain has swelled and if I move to quickly or think to hard, it feels like my brain gets a burn or something.  Hard to explain, but oh so real.  Tony came home around 11 AM so we could take Vito to the vet for his scheduled appointment.  Of course the vet wanted to do unneeded blood work and we just left it as the office visit and nail trim.  He is doing great, doesn't need a blood test right now, much less it hurts my head right now to even think about it.  Made an appointment for Kali on Saturday as we walked out the door.  Kali's skin condition must be addressed again.  I gave her a bath today , but that only does so much for the leaking and scabs she gets.  Had some cherries for lunch and then took a nice two hour nap with the dogs.  I could sleep all day.  Not sure if it is the Shingles, pain pills or pot making me so tired.  Yah, I said pot.  Would have died without it these last few weeks.  I feel like I could just lay in bed all day.  Trust me, its not the pot.  I have smoked that for over 30 years daily.  Thankfully it now helps with this head pounding pain.  Making some sweet and sour chicken and rice tonight with a salad.  Will most likely spend the night watching another movie I have downloaded.   Tomorrow I see my eye doctor in the morning and regular doctor at supper time.  Here is a picture of what I look like today.  Took it about an hour ago.  The swelling under the eye seems to be going down a little each day.  The scabs don't look worse?  That about all the good news I can think of.

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