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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013 Tuesday Afternoon

Left the scooter battery on the charger all night hoping that when we awake it would be green telling us the battery charged and is fully charged.  Spent the night watching a couple episodes of Long Island Medium and then watched the TV show Under The Dome in bed.  Went to sleep a little after the show was over.  We were up the second half of the night telling Vito to 'go back to bed' as he barked at the thunder.  Rained and thundered until morning. 

Got up this morning at 6:30 AM.  Of course the battery light was still red and was not charging or fixed.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Said goodbye to Tony as I threw up my usual morning bile into the sink.  Tony said he would come home around 9 AM so we could drive to the Battery Plus store and get our money back.  Showered and right before Tony got here to pick me up (I can not drive because my eye is so sensitive to light and it tears up when I go outside or in the light), I decided to open up the battery pack.  Even though it says in big writing not to open.  LOL.  Got the cover off and right away I noticed the problem.  One of the wires was not connected to one of the two batteries.  Connected the wire and put the battery pack back together.  Put the battery in the charger and the scooter worked fine.  Unbelievable.  This means Batteries Plus charged me $95 for two new batteries when they did not even open up the battery pack, or they would have seen and fixed the disconnected wire.  We drove to Batteries Plus and of course they kept telling us they would never 'say they changed out a battery if they didn't'.   Told them I thought they were lying to me and then the clerk made out a new receipt showing me getting $19 for my inconvenience.  As I counted the money I notice it was only $18.  The clerk then had to reopen the cash register to get me the other dollar.  Unbelievable.  They even tried to rip me off when giving me money back for my inconvenience.  Since I had no way of proving whether they put new batteries in or not I had no choice but to take my $19 and a receipt showing I had a year guarantee on the batteries and go.  Figure I got screwed out of $76, but learned a good lesson.  Batteries Plus will rip you off.  I feel like calling the local TV stations so they can do a bust on them.  I bet they do this to retired people all the time with their scooter batteries.  By this time my head was pounding and we took the money, told them to their face I still thought they were lying to me and left.  Tony dropped me off at home and I have spent most of the day just trying to get through the day with the curtains closed and the less light as possible coming into the house to make my eye water and head pound.  The scabs on my face have mostly cleared.  The ones on my head and scalp just keep getting bigger and the top of my head feels all scabbed up when you touch it.  Also hurts to just touch my head on the left side so I can not sleep with a pillow on my left side.  Just take another pain pill and get through the pain.  Took a nice two hour nap with the dogs this afternoon.  I could sleep all day I am so tired from the pain pills, but have no choice but to take them for this pounding head pain.  Making some salads and a pizza for supper tonight.  Will most likely spend the night watching a little from the DVR and then America's Got Talent in bed.  Kali is getting better with her skin condition now that she has been on her pills for 3 days now.  So, scooter is fixed, dogs are healing or doing good, and my Shingles is about the same ....  painful, but not worse.  At times it feels like someone is stabbing my eye with an ice pick or something.  Closing my eye doesn't make the pain stop.  Time for another pain pill.  Good news,  it has now been three weeks without a cigarette.  I am very proud of that.  My eye is throbbing so bad I just want to tear it out of my head.

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