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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12, 2013 Wednesday Afternoon

Ate a half a slice of pizza for supper and that was it.  Spent the night in bed watching America's Got Talent with an ice pack on my head.  Was up every hour on the hour all night long in pain.  Getting up to take another pill or switch out the ice pack.

This morning I was out of bed by 6 AM since I could not just lay there in pain anymore.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and Tony soon left for work.   Tony has been very good helping a bit more with feeding them and doing things around the house.  I appreciate it so much because listening to teh dogs bark as I get their food ready is painful to the head.  This morning I called my regular general practice doctor to be told she thinks I should go to emergency for the pain since she can not fit me in for over a week.  I just can not see going to emergency and spending the huge dollars to do that if this is just a sinus thing.  Since I still had not eaten anything by 9 AM this morning I decided to go get my 6 month blood test which I had planned on doing tomorrow morning anyway.  I figure if I go to emergency at any time I can always tell them I just had my round of blood tests and hopefully some results.  Plus who knows if I will be dead by tomorrow from the pain, so I better get the blood test today rather than tomorrow.  Not that the blood test will matter much if I am dead.  Stopped off at Pick N Save to buy some fruit and milk for Tony just in case I end up in the hospital.  Not good for me to be out when my mind isn't working because as I grabbed my bags out of the cart and headed to the car I could not find my car and house keys.  Back tracked through the store and finally went to customer service to first be told no keys were found and then as I was walking away she got a call and yelled for me that my keys were found.  Guess I set them down near the cherries.  Wow, I would never do that.  Really didn't need all this problems when my head hurts, pounding in pain.  Came home and spent the day mostly in bed with ice.  Called my HIV doctor this afternoon and he just called me back.  He agreed that if the pain is that bad I need to go to emergency.  So there it is.  Both my doctors telling me to go to emergency and spend a ton of money.  Not very happy right now.  So, the plan I told my HIV doctor is that if this pain is still here in the morning I will go to emergency first thing.  HIV doctor thinks it might be a migraine thing and maybe a scan would be needed.  Sounds like a lot of money out the pocket.  So that is the plan.  I will try to make it thought the night hoping for a break.  If by morning or sometime before that I can no longer take the pain, I will be in emergency.  Guess I have no choice at this point.  My left eye only opens half way because of the pain and for some reason I have two scabs forming, one on my forehead and one on my nose right between my eyes.  Might be a fever thing from all the sweating?  Making some salads and beef ribs for supper along with some potatoes.  I will not eat much or anything but I have not cooked all week and Tony needs at least one good meal.  I haven't eaten much in the past week.  I honestly should weigh myself.  I think that might be uplifting seeing how much weight I have lost not eating in the past week.  Thanks for all your comments.  I read every one and appreciate all and any advice.  I promise, by tomorrow at this time I will either be better or in emergency finding out what the hell is wrong with me.  What a waste of almost a week.  Damn, if I had a job, I'd be fired.


  1. WHY WAIT????????? Why worry about the copay when you are in such pain??

    Your not thinking clearly about this. GO NOW. Please.

  2. I'm so sorry you've been feeling so awful, but so glad you're gonna go to the dr. tomorrow. I'll be thinking about you, hope you feel better!