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Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 20, 2013 Thursday Afternoon

Spent last night watching some TV from the DVR.  Went to bed around 9 PM to watch an hour of TV and then lights out.   Got up once during the night to pee, but didn't take a pain pill. 

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Did the usual routine and got Tony off to work.  Took my morning meds including the pain pill which by now was needed.  Damn the head just throbs if I wait to long in between pills.  Went to Walgreen's to deliver my prescriptions and wait for them to be filled.  For some reason my doctor had not called in the meds.  Thankfully I had the copies of the prescriptions on me and the pharmacist was able to fill them with the hard copies.  Got another 10 days of Valacyclovir 1GM tablets for the Shingles, a prescription of Acylclovir 5% ointment for the sores and painful spots on my head.  And another 90 Oxycodone 10s for the pain, to get me through the next few weeks.  So I am well medicated and I sure can feel it.  Having problems remembering anything and days just fly by.  As much as it is fun to be 'high' all the time, I don't want my life going by like this and no memory of each day.  So the pain better go away soon.  I feel like I am walking around like a zombie at times.  On my way to Walgreen's this morning, sitting at the stop light, I watched a car go right through the light and hit another car head on.  As it was happening I was saying 'buddy, what the hell are you doing' and then smash.  It all happened right in front of me in slow motion.  After Walgreen's I came home and left about an hour later to go to my board meeting this ARCW.  Took another pain pill on my way out the door.  Went there also to pick up my monthly prescriptions of HIV meds and my monthly food from the pantry.  Of course my meds were not ready and I had to complain because this was not the first, or second time this has happened.  I talked to them a week earlier about what day I would pick up all five prescriptions.  So there was no excuse and I didn't need the stress.  Went to my meeting and by the time I got out of the meeting the head guy at the place had straightened it all out for me and they just filled my meds so I would not have to come back.  Got my food and came home.  Stopped off at Tony's shop to see if he wanted anything we wouldn't eat in the bags of food.  Since I have been home my head is just pounding.  After I post this I am going to the couch.  Here is a picture of what I looked like this morning.  As you can see the scabs are healing well and each day I look a little better.  Now the pain needs to stop.

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