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Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13, 2013 Thursday Morning


Around 2:30 AM last night I packed my bag and drove to Emergency.  My head was hurting so much and my left eye can hardly open.  Plus I am getting scabs and sores around my head, forehead, top of my scalp and my eye burns and waters if I open it.  Got to emergency and was put in a room pretty quick because of how horrible I looked.  Nurse checked me out and soon the doctor came in the room.  She walked up to me and put her hands on my cheeks and looked me in the eye and said, 'Oh, my dear, I am so sorry, you have shingles'.   Soon I was given a shot or morphine for the pain and another shot for ..... I am not sure.  Both in the butt.  Was also given 2 anti viral pills and 2 pain pills.   Called Tony at home and told him to come get me since the doctor didn't want me driving home even though I am only a mile away from the hospital.  I have to call an eye doctor because of all the swelling and the fact the shingles has gone into my left eye, burning like hell and I can not open it.  Waters if I do.  Tony soon showed up and about a half hour later I was released and told to go home and sleep.  I did drive home with Tony following me.  Typing this with my eye closed which is not easy.   So today I have to get my meds from Walgreen's and set and appointment with the eye doctor they gave me the number for on this side of town.  Would hate to loose my eye sight over this.   So, that is it,  I honestly am not happy to hear I have shingles but I must say I am happy I was diagnosed with something they knew so I can fix it.  So best to know even though it sucks what I got.  Going to the couch and will be doing very little today but getting meds and the eye doctor.  Wanted to let you guys all know what was going on.  I should have gone to emergency sooner.  Glad I finally just did.


  1. I'm so glad u went! Really sorry about the shingles, but am glad you went to the doctor. Take care if yourself.

  2. I'm glad you know what it is. I had shingles on my face and also had eye involvement. It is painful, but with the description you've given, I can tell from personal experience that you've probably passed the worse part. You can expect some blisters. Make sure you get to the Ophthalmologist quickly so he/she can get you on steroid drops to protect the eye.

    FEEL BETTER soon.

  3. Make sure you get to the eye doctor as soon as you can as I've heard of people losing their sight from shingles in the eye. Hope they're not as bad as the shingles I had, was off work for two weeks.