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Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15, 2013 Saturday Afternoon

I don't usually post on the weekend but thought I would since I am doing so little else.  Friday night I actually felt like I was feeling a bit better.  My eye started opening to the point where I could actually use it to watch TV.  Put some cold compresses on the eye for a while to take down the swelling.  Stayed up watching TV until around 9 PM, before we went to the bedroom to watch a final hour of 20 / 20 on TV before going to sleep.  Took my anti viral and pain pill before going to sleep and for the first time in a week sleep until 3 AM, getting up to go to the bathroom and take another pain pill because of the head pain. 

Slept in until 7 AM, waking up feeling I was on my way to recovery.  When I say this, it is only because I have gotten to the point where I can control the pain enough to wait four hour in between each pain pill rather than just an hour or two like in the beginning.  Spent all day today doing very little.  Tony went to the shop to cut the grass and go to the bank afterwards.  I took a nap.  Very tired and could just sleep.  Having to put ice under my left eye now to get rid of the swelling where before yesterday the swelling was always behind or above the eye.  So, I slept almost all night and feel like I am controlling the pain for once, rather than the pain controlling me.   Take a deep breath.  Here is what the Shingles virus looks like on my shoulder and face today.  I won't be able to leave the house for months, if ever looking like this.  Looks like I had a motorcycle accident and road rash.


  1. Shingles can scar, but that doesn't look too bad to me. Not that I'm a doctor but mine cleared up fine. There were some red blotches that hung around for a few months but gradually faded to nothing.

  2. it looks like chicken pox and im sure the sores will go away

  3. I've seen worse with shingles... Now that you are starting to feel better DON'T make the mistake of pushing yourself too hard and doing too much or you'll be flat on your back again. You'll be surprised how the sores, eye swelling etc., will resolve over the next few weeks. With the shingles on the face you will have to make sure to use sunscreen and wear a hat when because sunburn on shingle scabs can be very painful.

    You're looking better. Keep feeling better