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Friday, March 14, 2014

March 14, 2014 Friday Afternoon

Made the mistake of making Ramen noodles and pizza for supper.  I should know better.  Was up all night with stomach pain and gas problems.  I still as I type this am sore in my bladder area.  Every time I eat those things I have stomach craps and pain for days.  I will never eat them again.  Went to bed early and was trying to sleep by 9 PM.  With all the pain I hardly slept all night and spent the night getting up every hour or so to drink a half a glass of water.  Thankfully I think all the water helped me shake my sinus infection.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Really never slept all night from the pain in my intestines.  Colored my hair this morning in preparation of next weeks wedding.  Have to look my best and 10 years younger?  Try anyway.  Drove to the bank around 10:30 AM and back home.  Got my income tax refund and wanted to get it in the bank.  Tony picked me up for lunch and we had lunch with the guys.  Had a great lunch.  Tony dropped me back off at home and within 15 minutes I was back in bed.  Got a two hour nap and could have stayed in bed if it were not for the fact I would most likely be up again all night tonight.  Drinking a cup of coffee.  Will most likely spend the night finally watching the series last four episodes of Looking.  Will be time for bed when we are done watching the four half hour shows.   Got to 50 degrees today but it will not last long.  Doesn't even look like we get above freezing all weekend.  No plans this weekend.  Will most likely just spend a lot of time at home and any last minute details for this next Friday's wedding.

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