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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 25, 2014 Tuesday Morning

Saturday we spent most of the day just going through pictures and relaxing in front of the TV.  We did take a nap in the afternoon which led to a round of lovin.  Went out for dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant that we had our first date at on this date 25 years ago.  The restaurant has been slightly remodeled and under a different name, but the owners are the same.  They were so happy to hear of our wedding news and bought us dinner and drinks.  Came home and spent the night watching the gay themed movie Seeing Heaven.  Went to bed around 10 PM and before gong to sleep we did another round of lovin.

Sunday morning we were up by 7 AM to feed the dogs and give Vito his shot.  Spent the morning reading the newspaper and doing little things around the house.  Left the house a little before noon to go to our favorite breakfast spot, Hubbard Park Lodge.  It is a bit expensive but we deserve it this weekend.  Had a great breakfast and the owner even bought us a round of drinks.  Stopped off at Tony's 2nd shop to show a potential renter that called us twice during lunch wanting to see and possible rent it.  Figured we might as well show it to him on our way home.  Picked up lottery tickets and came home for the day.  Spent the rest of the day watching TV.  Watched most of the night time TV in bed and before we went to sleep we did another round of lovin.  This wedding stuff really does boost one's sex life. 

Monday I was up by 7 AM to feed the dog and get Tony off to work.  I spent the day on the Internet and making copies of pictures.  Went to Walgreen's some time during the early afternoon to pick up the enlargements I ordered over the Internet.  Spent Monday night watching Dancing With The Stars. Did a round of lovin and then went to sleep.

This morning I was up by 7 AM.  Been going through pictures from the family and friends and just sent another order via the Internet to Walgreen's to be printed.  Will most likely pick them up when they send an email saying they are ready.  Snowed over night an inch.  Cold but sunny today in Milwaukee.  Not getting above freezing again today.  This Winter is never going to end.

I started a new fun Facebook page named   Lawlessmilwaukeecouple  .    If your on Facebook you can find the page and hopefully 'like' it.  I am going to pretend Tony and I are on the run since Wisconsin state law makes it a crime for residents to enter into marriage in another state if the marriage would be prohibited in Wisconsin. The law imposes a penalty for those who enter into a marriage that's prohibited or declared void in Wisconsin of up to $10,000 and nine months in prison.  I thought it would be fun to do a 'where's waldo' type page as we are on the run.  I am having fun with it and have the next week already planned out. 

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