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Monday, March 17, 2014

March17, 2014 Monday Afternoon

I was sick all weekend.  Between the stomach cramping and bowel problems and the sinus infection I was not happy all weekend.  Spent Friday night watching the last four episodes of the HBO series Looking.  I do like this series and look forward when it returns for a second season.  Went to bed around 9 PM with cold chills and sweats all night long.  Horrible night trying to sleep. 

Got up Saturday morning by 7 AM to feed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Spent all day just trying to stay alive from the stomach and sinus pain.  Thankfully Tony is happy to spend a weekend doing nothing.  Was suppose to go to a big private party we were invited to at a friend bar Saturday night, but I just could not get the strength to go.    Spent the night watching the HBO series True Detective Saturday night and got through 4 of 8 episodes before calling it a night and going to bed.  Cold sweat and chills all night again.

Sunday morning I actually woke up feeling better.  Not great, but a bit better.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Soon found out Tony was not feeling good and had the runs.  Spent the day laying around the house watching TV.  Spent the afternoon watching the final four episodes of HBO's True Detective.  It was very entertaining and we both enjoyed it.   After we fed the dogs supper we drove to get lottery tickets and then some supper at Culver's.  Came home and spent the night watching The Good Wife and The Mentalist before going to bed.

This morning I was up by 7 AM.  My stomach still does not feel great.  Damn,  four days after eating Ramen noodles and my stomach still is not back to normal.  I will never eat them again.  Ran into my tenant in the back hallway to find out their 9 month old daughter starts day care today for free at the YMCA here in Milwaukee.  WTF?  They both don't work, stay home all day, and they need free day care?   Am I fucking nuts to wonder why two people sitting home all day need tax payers to pay for their child's daycare.  Much less why do the tax payers now have to pay for childcare so they can sit home all day and sleep?  Took Bo to the vet at 10:30 AM to get his nails trimmed.  Also ordered another bottle of Stella's ear drops because the small bottle they gave us for $30 is not going to last the week.  Came home and spent the rest of the day confirming reservations for our Friday wedding.  Got a card from my one brother congratulating us on our wedding with a nice check.  Was not expecting any gifts but actually broke down crying when I opened the card.  See, my one sister and one brother are the only ones who have even said congratulations on our upcoming wedding.  Feeling very emotional today and overwhelmed to be honest.  Took a nice two hour nap with the dogs this afternoon.  Could have just stayed in bed the rest of the day and night to be honest.  Making beef ribs, mashed potato and corn for supper.  Tony just called, sounding almost in tears himself, to tell me the horrible day he is having.  I did not need to hear any of this but let him talk and vent.  I kept saying to myself 'just listen and be supportive'.   I think it helped for him to get it all off his chest.  Sounds like the employees are fucking up jobs right and left and now one is needing off on Thursday for this and another on Friday for that.  Once again they are not there for him when HE needs time off.  When he was done talking I told him I honestly wish he would stop buying cars and sell the damn auto body shop.  The customers are getting worse and the employees he can't count on ever.  Feeling very stressed right now.  Will most likely spend the night watching Dancing With The Stars and Castle before going to bed.  I honestly just wish this day would end.

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