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Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 Monday Afternoon

Friday night we spent the night watching TV from the DVR.  Went to the bed around 9 PM to watch the last of TV in bed with the dogs.  Ended up doing a round of lovin and then going to sleep.

Saturday morning we woke up around 6 AM.  Woke up on the same side of the bed and that lead to some hugs and then another round of lovin.  Soon got up and fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and Stella her pills and ear drops.  Stella seemed a little better and was able to get off the bed with a little help down the stairs next to the bed.  When she shakes her head she still looses her balance but is walking much better just 4 days after having a stroke.  Tony went into work to sell some cars and I did things around the house and worked on my other project - our new Facebook page called Lawlessmilwaukeecouple.  I started the new Facebook page the day after we got married.  Since we are actually criminals now in Wisconsin I thought it would be fun to spoof the WI law and make it seem like we are now traveling the country evading WI authorities.  I figure I will keep it going as long as possible and as long as I continue to have fun with it.  Spent the afternoon watching movies.  Watched the movies Shall Not Kiss The Bride (which was really a cute movie - love story) and The Impossible (which I have seen twice before and still get chills when I watch).   After we fed the dogs supper we went out to eat at a bar a couple blocks down the street.  There was a pub crawl through the neighborhood and a band was playing in the bar.  Turned out to be a good choice of music and food.  Came home and spent the night watching Geography Club and Kill Your Darlings.  Geography Club was easier to follow and enjoy.  Went to bed around 10:30 PM.

Sunday morning we were up by 7 AM.  Stella was doing again, a bit better than the day before when it came to her balance.  She also seems happier.  Fed the dogs and gave the dogs their meds.  Soon showered and left the house to go take Tony's mom out for breakfast.  After we dropped her off we stopped off at a fruit ranch and bought some fruit and ham and rolls for later.  Came home and spent the afternoon watching TV.  Did the lovin thing sometime in the afternoon while we were watching TV.   Made ham and rolls and baked beans for supper.  Spent the night watching the CBS lineup of The Good Wife and The Mentalist, before doing the lovin thing one more time and going to bed.  I swear getting married spices up the sex life.  I hope it continues.  I do find it nice to think I am 53, been with my man for over 25 years, and still enjoy having sex sometimes twice a day with him.  Not many couples could probably say the same?  Went to bed around 10:30 PM.

This morning I was up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave the dogs their meds.  Stella walked good down off the bed and seemed really good today.  Tony soon left for work.  I spent the early morning reading the newspaper and then doing some cleaning and vacuuming around the house.  After I had a ham sandwich for lunch I decided to go for a walk along the river trails.  Have not gone for a walk down in the trails since last fall.  It was suppose to get to 50 today but at noon it still was only 41 degrees.  Bundled up and went on the walk anyway.  Had a great walk and remember why I love going for these walks.  They are so calming and I can talk to myself and reflect on life.  As I left the house I asked my tenant who's car was parked in the back of our yard in the parking area.  She told me a friend.  Funny, boyfriend yesterday said her sister.  When I asked why I saw her park and walk away and not come into the house, she said she had told her friend, having boyfriend problems, she could park her car here.  WTF?   I made it perfectly clear I did not want to see this car parked here ever again and we are not a public parking lot.  Jeez, I swear these tenants are frickin nuts.  I already know they are big liars.  I wouldn't put it past her to sell one of the parking spots for money.  Making a pork loin and rice for supper with salads tonight.  Will spend the night watching Dancing With The Stars while the DVR records other show on other channels. 

If your on Facebook, check out my new page named     Lawlessmilwaukeecouple

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