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Friday, March 7, 2014

March 7, 2014 Friday Afternoon

Yesterday Tony and I left the house a little after 10 AM and drove to Skokie Illinois to get our marriage license.  We first stopped off at a couple restaurants to see how they were and if they would be something we would want to eat at before the ceremony.  The first three restaurants we did not like for various reasons.  We finally just drove to the county clerks office in Skokie and got our license.  Was fun.  The lady at the desk tried to rush it because she assumed we wanted to get it done and over with.  I kept telling her to take her time and that we were enjoying every minute of the questions and have looked forward to this for 25 years.  We got our license and had a stranger take a picture of us standing outside the office.
After we got out license we drove a half mile down the road to Orchard Mall and picked The Cheesecake Factory as the restaurant to have lunch at in two weeks before our wedding.  We did go in and have lunch and it was good food and we will all enjoy it.  I am pretty sure I won't be hungry anyway an hour before my wedding, but the others along with us will be.  Drove the hour and a half home and got home a little after 3 PM.  Was a wonderful day.  Spent last night watching TV and went to bed by 9 PM.  Was sleeping by 9:30.

This morning I was up before 6 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Tony and I left the house in separate cars to his shop before 7 AM.  I picked up the one cat the employees trapped yesterday and drove it up to the Waukesha Humane Society to get fixed.  Came home and after I showered and did some things around the house it was time to go to lunch with the guys.  Today is Tony's birthday so lunch is on him / us.  Had a great lunch and sang happy birthday.  Tony dropped me off after lunch and about an hour later I left the house again to drive the half hour drive to the Humane Society to pick up the cat and bring it back for the night in the shop before we release her tomorrow.  It is after 4 PM and I could really use a nap.  No time though since we are going out for supper tonight for Tony's birthday.  Will have a nice cod fish fry at a local gay bar.  Will be home early because it has been a long day for both of us.  I am going to give Tony the book I made for our 25th anniversary tonight.  Figure tonight is as good a time as any since it has been sitting her for almost a month.  Bought him a card and a brownie ice cream cake.   Need to lay down on the couch for a bit before Tony gets home or I will not make it through supper I am so tired.  Eyes are closing as I type and making a lot of spelling mistakes.

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  1. Congratulations to both of you and happy birthday to Tony. from your fun in Toronto