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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4, 2014 Tuesday Afternoon

Tony called yesterday around 4:30 PM to tell me he could not get any cats during the day.  They are too smart.  I then called the Humane Society to let them know we did not trap any of the five cats today and would not be bring any in to be fixed the next day.  Of course right after I make that call Tony calls me back to tell me he got the big Tom cat in a cage.  A cage too big for a car.  WTF?  If only he would listen.  Tony came home and we spent the night watching TV.  Went to bed around 9 PM and watched the last hour in bed.

This morning we were both up by 5 AM.  Tony left for work at 6 AM to hopefully set some traps and trap some cats so we could take them and the Tom cat to get fixed.  I got a call shortly after he got to work saying the cat got out of the cage and is somewhere in the shop.  Wow, another reason the cat should have been in a carrier and not a dog cage.  It was snowing this morning and traffic was horrible so I called the Humane Society to let them know we would not be bringing any cats in today because the one we got, is loose in the shop.  Got a call around 9:30 from Tony telling me they got the cat in a smaller cage, but one employee got bit in the process.  Not good, these are feral cats.  I went to the shop around 10 AM to give the employees and Tony a piece of my mind because they simply will not listen to me and how to catch the cats.  I left and then went grocery shopping, getting it done today because hopefully we will be busy with cats tomorrow?  It is going on 4 PM and no word on whether they got any more cats today.  At least we will take the Tom cat in tomorrow and get him fixed.  If the guys would have just not trapped them last week when we had no appointment they would not be so scared.  Spent the afternoon picking out music for the limo trip down to Chicago and back when we get married the end of the month.  Figure I will put my favorites, upbeat, loving music on two cds to play in the limo.  Made some peanut butter cookies this afternoon as I listened to music.  Making a Hormel beef roast, mashed potato, corn and salads for supper.  Will spend the night watching TV.  We got four inches of snow this morning and I spend an hour or two shoveling this morning.  This Winter sucks.

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