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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16, 2012 Tuesday Afternoon

This morning I was up at 5 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Left the house a little before 6 AM to go to SDC Energy Assistance here in Milwaukee.  I tried this yesterday and by the time I got there at 8 AM they had given out all the 'numbers' for the day and were full for the day.  I thought if I am going to go through this again I would bite the bullet and get there early.  You would think at 6:10 AM in the dark, when I arrived, I would be first in line since they don't open until 7:30 AM, when they start giving out the 100 number for the clients they will serve that day.  When I got there at 6:10 AM I was the 30th person in line.  By 7 AM the line was down the block and they turned away most of those people.  So then at 7:30 AM they give you your number, 30, and you go into the basement of this building with the other 100 people they will serve today to try to get a credit on your electric and gas.  It is a slow process and they began announcing numbers around 9 AM.  My number was finally called at 10:45 AM.   Was out the door by 11 AM with a $505 credit to my account because of my level of income.  Thank god I only have to do this once a year, although that is $100 for each hour I was there, which is quite a good payment.  Stopped off at Tony's auto body shop to fax some documents to HIRSP and came home.  Spent and hour or so leaf blowing the side and back yard.  Around 1:30 PM I went for an hour walk along the river trails.  Making some steaks and noodles with a salad for supper tonight.  Tony better come home with copies of last years taxes that I have been asking for for weeks now.  I told him today not to come home unless he has copies in hand.  Jeez, I fill out all his forms and mail them, the least he can do is get me the information I need for them.  He will most likely walk in the door with them in hand and give them to me like he is doing something for me, not me doing something for him.  Sometimes you just want to strangle the ones you love.  LOL.   Will spend the night watching DWTS results and the the President debate before going to bed.  I pray Obama does better tonight then he did two weeks ago.  Was in the low 50s today and now the clouds have moved in, the wind has shifted off the lake, and it is cooling down fast.

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