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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2, 2012 Tuesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching Dancing With The Stars and then Hawaii Five O before going to bed.  Didn't sleep well due the nap.  I did see both rabbits, the raccoon and the possum in the back yard prior to sleeping.  Had to chase the raccoon out of the side yard again around 8 PM.  It is not welcome in the side yard. 

This morning I was up at 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Spent the early morning doing projects around the house off my 'to do list'.   Fixed a board on the deck and cleaned out the rain gutter on the first floor off the side of the house.  I can only get to the lower rain gutters.  Went to the copy store to make some copies of my taxes for HIRSP.  Mailed the paperwork and the copies when I got home.  Went for a nice walk along the river this afternoon since I was not going to take a nap and be up all night like last night.  Saw a fox running through the field, and a snake in the sidewalk coming back home.  Never saw a fox before back there in the woods.  It was a big fox and ran very fast chasing something in the field.  Watched it until I lost track of it.  Will make some salads and sweet and sour chicken for supper tonight.  Made an Oncore dinner last night and ended up throwing my part of it away it was so horrible tasting.  Won't buy one of those again.  Tony was so hungry he ate his all anyway.  Will most likely watch the Dancing Results and then TV from the DVR the rest of the night tonight.  Was in the low 60s today in Milwaukee with the sun out.  I love this weather but I better enjoy it while it lasts.  Tomorrow is suppose to be in the 70s and then in the 50s for a few days and not looking to good sun wise.

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