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Friday, October 19, 2012

October 19, 2012 Friday Afternoon

Spent last night watching TV from the DVR which included American Horror Story.  Wow, is this going to be a great season with this show.  If you missed this week's first episode you can catch it next week prior to the second episode.  I recommend it.  Took a Valium around 8 PM to make sure I had a good night's sleep since I still had that Microsoft scam on my mind.  Went to bed around 10 PM after a little lovin and slept like a baby all night.

Got up this morning at 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Read a little of the morning newspaper and then headed back to bed for an hour.  Got up around 9:30 AM and started the day over.  Got showered and met the guys for lunch.  Had lunch next door at Culver's this week rather than Baker's Square for a change.   Had a great lunch and laughed like we usually do at the stories we tell from the prior week's activities.  Tony followed me home so he could pull up in front of the house and take the big chair we don't need in our living room, that doesn't fit, and Stella stands on to bark at everyone walking past the house, out of here.  What he does with it I don't care.  It will reduce my stress level just not having to yell at Stella all day to 'get out of that chair'.  After that I walked across the alley to talk with the neighbor for a half hour.  I then checked the radar to see if I had enough time to go for a walk before the rain came in again.  I did, and did go for a nice hour long walk.  Tonight we are going to try again to go to the Italian Community Center to have supper on the gift certificate we have that expires next month.  We have tried twice to eat there and both times they were closed.  I figure since I had a small lunch today with the guys it would be a good time to finally use this gift certificate.  We will most likely spend the rest of the night watching TV before going to bed.   No plans for the weekend.  It is suppose to be a nice weekend, Sunday being the better of the two days.  Hopefully I can get Tony out of the house for a walk or at least get him up on the high ladder to clean the rain gutters.   I am sure I won't get both, so I will settle for the rain gutters being cleaned.  I am too afraid to go up that high on a ladder.  I do the first floor rain gutters but after my fall last year from the ladder, I do not go up that high any more unless someone is holding the ladder.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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