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Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 25, 2012 Thursday Afternoon

Spent last night watching TV from the DVR which included the shows Flipping Out, Revenge and 666 Park Avenue, before going to bed around 10 PM after a little lovin.  

This morning I was up at 6 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Knew I better enjoy today because the weather is going to change drastically tonight.  Got outside by 8 AM and started cleaning out the back garage so Tony can put a car in it for the Winter.  Tony asked me last night again if he can 'please, please put a car in the garage'.  I had so much stored in there I had to move it all into the main garage.  So had to clean out the main garage to make room.  Around 10 AM I called Tony to tell him the garage was ready and he could come home and move the covered old car that is in the main garage to the back garage.  Got that done by 11:30 AM and then took a shower.  Took an hour walk along the river trails and got back a little after 1 PM.  Since it still was nice outside and wasn't raining I figured I could one last time blow all the leaves in the back and side yard.  The big tree in the back has finally lost most of it's leaves and has very little left.  Got that all done and also removed the netting over the pond.  Laid down on the couch for an hour because my back and body is in pain from all the raking and yard work.  Making salads and Lasagna Hamburger Helper for supper tonight.  The rain should be here in about an hour and then the temperature is going to drop fast.  It was in the 70s today and we will get down in the 30s tonight and only a high of 50 degrees tomorrow.  Will most likely spend the night watching TV from the DVR.  I am looking forward to watching last nights American Horror Story, so I have a feeling that will be played first.  Feels so good having the windows open for the last time.  The weather man says this is the last time in the 70s this years, I made the most of it.

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