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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29, 2013 Tuesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching TV from the DVR.  Finished off the night with the show Deception on NBC.  Went to sleep around 10:20 PM after the local news and weather.  Got woken up at 1:30 AM with thunder and Vito barking at the thunder.  Thankfully it did not last long.

Got up this morning at 6 AM.  Was throwing up in the sink before I even got to feeding the dogs. Haven't started my day like this in a while.  I do not like starting my day off throwing up.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot, made a ham sandwich for Tony to take to work, and sent him out the door.  Spent the morning doing things outside with the pond.  Got the pond pump working yesterday and for some reason last nights rain shorted out the power to the pump this morning.  Had to put a new cord to the pump for now.  The pump will be turned off, and is off as I post, and the heater is now plugged in again.  It got to 60 degrees today in Milwaukee.  We broke an all time record today.  Of course it is not going to last long.  Rain is about an hour away and we are suppose to get a lot.  Temperature is then to drop and we are to have a high of 12 degrees on Friday.  I hate these temperature swings.   Got contacted from someone from Tumblr the other day and had a conference call with them at noon today.  Was a little confused why they wanted me on the call since I can not promote this Blog on the website.  Got off the call about a half hour into it when I realized it was not for me.  Went to the Tumblr website and honestly I don't understand it.  Went for a nice long walk along the river trails after the phone call.  Thought I would be safe wearing Tony's rubber shoes.  Found out shortly into the walk that they leaked bad and by the time I got home my socks were all wet.  The trails are very muddy and tonight's rain will not help.  Of course it will be too cold to walk until again next week.  Took Stella for a walk around the block to loosen up her back leg today.  She has been favoring it lately and needs to be walked more often.  I don't take them on my walks because to many people take their dogs and don't have them on a leash.  Would not be good for an unleashed dog to come up to Stella.  Kali is getting to old, and Vito being blind, not good.  So Bo would be my only other choice and he would rather just stay home with Stella.   Speaking of Bo, I have a 4 PM vet appointment to have his nails trimmed.  If it is pouring outside at that time I might just cancel.  Looks like it might be.  Just going to make soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for supper tonight with a salad.  Will most likely spend the night watching TV listening to the rain fall.   Suppose to get about 2 inches of rain and even flash flood warnings begin at 4 PM today.

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